2021 UH President's Fall Address

… is tomorrow (Thursday), October 28th at 10:00am in the Moores Opera House. It can be seen live at:


We are really blessed to have an outstanding leader with great vision. Go Coogs!

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Thanks for reminding and posting this. I’ve only been able to watch about half of it but the
performance is worth a look and listen. Indeed we are lucky to have her leading the school.


From President Khator’s Fall Address:

A medical research facility in the Texas Medical Center or in the Life Sciences Complex next to the College of Medicine.

Sounds like UH is going to build a medical research facility. The state approved $60M for it.


What would be better ? On one hand I want it on the UH campus; OTOH it may thrive better by being in the TMC. And I’m not clear on how federal funds for medical research tie into
AAU counting for research purposes. Is it location dependent ? I know Nebraska got essentially
kicked out of AAU for counting dept of agr $. And yet I know UNL has a med school too.

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I like the medical research facility being built on campus also. We are part of the TMC anyway and they could communicate through Zoom with other TMC researchers.

A lot of medical schools are a separate entity from the university but UH Med school is part of UH and counts toward educational ratings. I’m not sure how the research part will count towards AAU.

The uniqueness of our medical school, at least in the State of Texas, is that it is not a separate health science center, but an integral part of the university which is allowing us to have easy collaborations with other colleges and disciplines.

I would support building it on our campus.

If we build something off campus I’d want it to be a full fledge hospital everything else should be on campus to help with rankings

We received more freshmen applications this year than ever before, crossing the mark of 35,000.

Based on the preliminary data of those who submitted their scores, the average SAT for freshmen entering this Fall is 1240, up from 1215 last year.

Our 6-year graduation rate stands at 62% and based on the projections drawn from student cohorts, we believe that we can reach 70% in the next 5 years.

We completed the new University Drive Parking Garage, the reroofing of Campus Recreation and Wellness, the Graduate College of Social Work renovation, and the renovation of Melcher Gymnasium, the new home of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

UH also broke ground on three major projects:

  • The John M. O’ Quinn Law Building next to the University Lofts is a 179,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility and new home to our top-ranked law center. It will open for the Fall Semester of 2022.*

  • The new home of UH College of Medicine is rapidly progressing at the 43-acre Life Sciences Complex across from Brays Bayou. The construction will be completed for the Fall Semester of 2022. Both buildings will have exclusive previews in the next two weeks, and I invite you to come and be part of the excitement.*

  • The second tower of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management is under construction on University Boulevard. Once completed, the hotel will add 70 guest rooms, several meeting rooms, and a renovated Cougar Grounds Coffee venue. Most importantly, it will allow our students to be trained in large-scale hotel management.*

A new auxiliary retail center called The Hub will open in the summer of 2023. This first-of-its-kind space will give an opportunity for 9 chefs to display their culinary skills while giving our students, faculty, and staff an excellent venue to experiment with food.

Now that we have completed the $1-billion campaign, we are in the process of raising funds for targeted needs. Among them are:

  • $300 million for scholarships*
  • $100 million for faculty endowments*
  • $100 million for the College of Medicine*
  • $100 million for Athletics which, by the way, includes a football locker room and student-athlete support center.*

Nebraska’s problem is that besides just USDA research (which the AAU doesn’t count), they were also counting research dollars from the Nebraska system’s stand alone medical school, a school which does not fall underneath the University of Nebraska and which is a separate, autonomous entity within the University of Nebraska system NOT under NU’s control.

As long as this facility is indeed under the control of UH, it might not matter where it’s located, though I’d prefer it be on campus, just to avoid any disputes over who has control.


Thanks for clarifying that. It’s confusing as to why a medical school would be separated from
the school as the case with UNL. Can’t see any benefits, unless it’s a Baylor thing where the med
school needed to break away 60 years ago if it wanted to do real science.

Edit: Or perhaps you have it separate for legal liability things, per each states laws ???
…but that’s more in your area …

My concerns are that it’s only a 43 acre site. That’s not really a lot of space for future growth
as you add roads, parking garages, landscaping, etc. But it’s a great problem to have :hugs:

Nice, looking at the new graduation figures it seems the 2017 cohort has a substantial increase in the 4-year graduation rates. Going from 39.2% in the 2016 cohort to 45% in the 2017 cohort., which is a huge increase and should start showing in the USNWR rankings in the coming years, and might already have started showing in rankings that aren’t based in past years like USNWR (i.e. Forbs which has us at 114 overall).

I also like the goal of having 70%+ 6-year rate, this puts a huge margin between us and the rest of the public texas universities not named UT or TAMU. Along with us being right in line with the other 2 in terms of graduation rates. This is great to see and is a far cry from the sub 30% 4-year rate almost a decade ago, Renu is probably one of the best things that have happened to this university.

Now, if we can get some of that PUF money that would be really nice too. Anyway, it’s a great time to be associated with UH, we’re heavily trending up in research, many other positive metrics, expanding/rennovating the campus, new colleges, better overall opinion, and hell we’re in a p5 conference now (which has its obvious benefits).


UT-Dallas currently at 71%
Texas Tech 63%
Houston 62%
North Texas 58%
Texas State 55%

I believe that the University of Nebraska Medical Center was created independently of the university.

It’s also located in Omaha and not Lincoln.

Similar situation to Alabama. The Univeristy of Alabama Medical Center is located in Birmingham and is actually affiliated with UAB, and not UA- Tuscaloosa.