2022 Case Keenum Thread - Houston Texans back home where he belongs

I doubt the Texans win today even if Stroud played. The O-line was that bad. The right tackle was getting beat routinely. Awful performance all the way around.



Raiders salty after a huge win at KC. Keep it up at Colts next week.

Trevor Lawrence’s arm just gave out on a throw. No contact.
Probably still playing but cant hurt Texans chances.

Logan as more of the edge setter w Bucs but still has his moments.


Thanks Miami!

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This one goes right over my head. But thanks.

Pretty sure the NFL took over concussion protocol after the Tua debacle in Miami.

Ok, now I got it. Thanks.

The nfl could care less about the safety of their players. They never have and nothing is telling us they ever will. Tua’s debacle is another reminder of what kind of commitment to safety the nfl has. NONE.
The nfl can have the nerve to lie to us and that they protect players but proofs show otherwise. This is a Case Keenum thread. Do I need to show how Case was hit while playing for the Saint Louis Rams? Do I?

I think I recall a forearm across his right bicep on the wounded duck.

Something beyond pressure.


Be careful with this one, J_Coog, he gets a bit too sensitive and emotional sometimes.

Just happens that sarcasm ain’t part of his vocabulary apparently :sunglasses:

One day you’ll grow up. Here’s hoping it happens sooner than later.

How much less could they care?

Happy Birthday Case.


Case has a year left on his contract I believe. Do you guys have any updates?

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Ranking The 20 Best College Football Players Of All-time (msn.com)


Case the analysis for 2024 UH FB Spring Game on April 13th, 10am ctl.


That is quite interesting. Case is a natural in front of the camera. I do believe that if he chooses to go that route after his career is over he will end up on a Sunday NFL tv show/program.

Awesome! Must see TV!