2022 Case Keenum Thread - Houston Texans back home where he belongs

Starting today for the Vikings, feel like he deserves his own thread! First time since college he will be in a good offense and one that he can fit into. I think he will do well, great opportunity for him.


Is there anyway to watch this game in Houston?


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Case w 3 yards in 1st.
14-0 Pitt early in 2nd.

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Keenum not getting much protection from line and the offense coordinator seems to be hesitant let him throw ball think im watching Texans all the no yard rush attempts up middle.

Case 6 for 13 @50 yards.
Viks offense AWFUL so far on every level.

I love Keenum but after this year he should think about coming home. You know there a headset waiting for him as a QB coach and future offense coordinator at UH. Also a good recruiting tool have QB coach with NCAA records and NFL experience.


Case needs to keep making all the money he can get from the NFL. As long as there is a team willing to pay him, he should stay.


Got to be tough having to go a new team seems every year though. Never able to get settled in long with one team.

Not as tough when you are making $2 million a year. Plus an extra year of NFL service means like an extra $10k a year for retirement. Edit: think I was off on the pension, but he will still be racking it up for every year he plays.

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Dang didn’t know the retirement package in NFL was like that. Yeah keep playing lol

Vikings rushing TD! Case with a nice sideline needle throw on drive.

9-17 kicker missed extra point. : /

Vikings offense clicking now but a offensive pass interference and holdings calls killer. Keenum complete a 3rd and 20 pass.

Did keenum get pulled?

No no he still playing. He number 7 again

Saw someone else had a pass attempt on the stats made me think they replaced him.

The strategy to defend Keenum has been pretty consistent since his starts with the Texans. Get pressure on him consistently because he doesn’t make teams pay. Keenum takes care of the ball. He doesn’t force plays and would rather throw the ball away than throw to a covered receiver. That’s fine to do most of the time, but when you do it all of the time, teams aren’t afraid to send 5 guys over and over. Putting 5 guys on the line also makes it difficult to get the running game going. If they only send 3, get your hands up to deflect the screen passes.

One other note, it’s also why Keenum has a much higher rating rolling out than in the pocket. It gives him better field vision for his stature and less batted balls. The problem is, you can’t consistently roll out because it gives the defense more free shots at the QB.

It was their punter. The Vikings decided it was a good idea to try a fake punt on their own 30. Pass incomplete.


That TJ Watt kid is a specimen. Two tackles and a pass deflection in just two defensive series before having to come out for a groin injury.