2022 Incoming Freshman

UH Landed Two Prized 2021 Commits: Cameron Cauley, SS (7th ranked player in Texas by Perfect Game) and Josh Alexander, RHP (45th in TX). It looks like both players will not make it to campus. Cauley is now headed to Texas Tech and Alexander to San Jac.

It looks like three players ranked in the Top TX 100 will make it to campus: Brandon Burckel, 2B (70th), Jason Burger, RHP (71st), and Josh Coleman, LHP (89th).

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If Brandon Burckel is Brad Burckel’s brother, I heard he decommitted from UH. Brad is in the portal.

Good catch, yes that looks to be correct. They are brothers and would make sense that he would decommit since his brother left.

So that takes our top 3 2021 Commits off the board. Wonder what’s next?

TW will be on the phone with every Juco program begging for players, like in recent years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring in more than 20 transfers again.

There are 33 on the current online roster. I believe there was in excess of 40 (COVID 1 year exemption) this season but several transferred or were kicked off the team during the season. About 10 will be gone due to transfers or graduations. And we could see another 3-6 go due to draft or getting trimmed due to the roster limit going back to 35 for the 2022 season.

My guess is you see about 20 players return, 10 new freshman and 5 new JUCO guys.

In terms of production leaving: Our top hitter Bielamowicz graduated, Burckel and Pendergrass hit well and played significant innings both transferred. Rivas and Hernandez I guess will both return unless drafted, Lovelace our catcher transferred but he hit a buck eighty.

On the pitching side you are losing the top arm Gasser to the draft. Maybe Cherry and Sears to the draft, Henry to graduation.

All in all, not a great formula for next season to be turning over half your roster, losing key freshman commitments and having some of your top producers head out the door via draft, graduation, or transfer. TW has his work cut out for him.

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Man, I just don’t see anything exciting about the program considering our coach has been here for 11 years. I just keep shaking my head.


Cameron Cauley will most likely go high in the draft. If the money is good he will never make it on campus at Texas Tech.

Cameron decommitted from Houston a long time ago. His father coaches football at Barbers Hill High School and Cameron just won the 5A state baseball championship.


The Barbers Hill Gang…there has been some really good players come out of there for quite awhile now

Just curious who we do have coming In. More JUCOs?

Looks like we have 11 freshman coming in next year headlined by RHP J. Burger and LHP J. Alexander.

Our two top ranked incoming freshman have switched their commitments to other schools.


Just as college seniors have no leverage, HS draft picks have a ton of it. Cauley’s pick value was $857.40k, he got $1.00m. The kid drafted right before Cauley got $3.00m!

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