2022 MLB Draft

Not really - Thomas was consistent all year and played well both non-conference and conference play so he had a true tape measure - leading the nation in stolen bases also helps -

Like someone told me - if a kid isn’t starting by year two as a fielder but they have talent to play elsewhere they need to bolt because that’s at least 600 ABs gone they can’t replace -

Can’t believe Ryan Hernandez wasn’t drafted. That’s disappointing. Kid deserves a shot. I am sure he’ll sign with someone as a free agent.

I said getting consistent time here……

Are our top recruits still likely to sign?

Hopefully Aggy and Horn recruits were decimated by the draft.

Can’t tell if this is a joke or not?


:slight_smile: Because none of our recruits were going to be threats to go pro?

Yeah, I think we’re safe….

Remember this? The Astros #1 pick.

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He kind of reminds me of early career cocky Bregman. Sign me up for that on the Astros.

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I guess that’s better than what I was thinking (Phil Nevin).

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Jeter should have been a life long Astro…… Can you imagine An infield of Biggio, Jeter and Bagwell?!

Sorry , the Phil Nevin thing got me.


It would have been amazing but growing up a lifelong yankee fan and going to games in the summer while being at his grandparents as a kid, I feel like he probably would have signed with them as a free agent anyways. It would have been cool though. He and Griffey were my favorite players growing up.


I don’t think that kid was thrown for arguing the call but more for puffing his chest at the ump.

I couldn’t read his lips but the announcer in the clip seemed to and after watching replay said it deserved ejection.

Wishing they would have ejected Frank Anderson back to UH. :slight_smile:

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Yea. Never cok your elbows back. It makes you say things you’ll regret.

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Ben Sears signed with KC for $125,000.
The Astros have signed their 1st six picks and a couple more.

Astros have signed all 1–10 Round picks as of yesterday.

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