2022 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees


Pat Benatar and Judas Priest are indisputably Rock. Carly Simon, maybe.

The others?

Hell, even a few non-artist execs and lawyers made it in this time.

Not sure you have followed the inductees over the years. There are many many different genres that have been inducted into RR HOF over the years. Don’t let the name ROCK & ROLL fool you.
I’ll let you see the List for yourself.

Then they need to call it the “Popular Music Hall of Fame,” rather than the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Induction into a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be limited to Rock artists.

As a good buddy of mine said on Twitter, Dolly Parton is no more “Rock” than AC/DC is a Jazz Ensemble.

Ok. I’ll let you take it up w/ them . Call 1-800 Rock!

The Rock Hall has definitely jumped the shark. At least they finally got Rush in.

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C’mon now. Are you boys telling me you don’t want to hear the “Banana Boat” for pre-game hype?

Dayyyo! Come Mr. Tally-man, tally me bananas . . .


Beach Boys!! :joy::rofl::laughing:. Those were the days :smiley:

The name Rock N Roll HOF ought to be renamed. Some of these singers or bands have nothing to do with Rock and Roll. This might be why Dolly did not want to accept the nomination.
It should be renamed Music Hall of fame inductees.

Like all awards, it is a commercial for the industry. Oscars, MVP in any sport, Grammys, all of them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s mostly about putting the particular industry front and center, even if just for a short time.

Still baffles me that Bad Company isn’t in the Rock N Roll HOF!!


Iron Maiden isn’t in, either. Not needed for the commercial billboard that is any HOF. It is a stupid TV show, like The Bachelor or Country Music Awards or, or, or. Only nominees the HOF can make some $$ from will be included. The HOF employs lots of people, some with hefty salaries, etc. It is a business, not the Lincoln Memorial.

From rockhall.com

A study published in March 2018 reveals the Rock Hall had a total impact of $199 million in business sales in Cuyahoga County . Visitors to the Rock Hall spent an estimated $127.4 million in 2017, averaging a daily spend of $349,000, both on-site and at other businesses in the County.

Probably didn’t keep Good company. :upside_down_face:

Steve Miller exposed them for just being cash grabbing industry execs back in 2016.

Eminem had a couple of songs rock n roll inspired with heavy distortions and drums. I guess as long as it has that structure or those instruments it technically is rock n roll

Not sure Hip Hop counts as Rock, but I agree there are some Hip Hop artists that have a hard rock edge; that includes some Beastie Boys work, for example.

This is the Rock and Roll hall of fame inductees list:

This hall of fame should be renamed contemporary music hall of fame. Quite a few of these artists good or bad have nothing to do with Rock and Roll.
I mean Jay-Z? It does not make sense. What do you think Keanu?

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I concur.

Call it the “popular” music hall of fame, or the “contemporary” music hall of fame.

Rock and Roll is a musical genre that got almost kicked out by a few in the music industry. The 50’s to the late 80’s is IMO when rock and Roll musical creation was unfiltered. Music execs almost killed rock and Roll.

SUPERTRAMP is not in uturly ridiculous.

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