2022 Week 3 - Non-UH Games Thread / TV Ratings and numbers. (UH V Kansas w 225k)

FSU @ Louisville
AFA @ Wyoming.

AAC Week 3:
-Tulane at KSU
-SMU at MD

-USF at Florida.
UF steaming coming off a tough home loss to KY. USF could be in for a noteworthy beating at the Swamp at night.

If FAU can hang they should feel confident headed into the ACC in 2023.

B12 Week 3

All FBS.
BYU at Oregon is big. BYU still has Arkansas and ND at home in Oct.


Smoo vs MD sounds intriguing.


A big chance for SMooo to make a statement…I still think the Ponies and ECU are respectable teams and can beat us if we don’t play well at their place. SMU’s quarterback is real…


I’m concerned about ECU.


FSU rolls here me thinks


Happy to see Norvell finally getting things together there. I know we hate Memphis but he’s a good coach.

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After watching way too much college football the first 3 weeks I’m convinced the best red zone play is QB drops back to pass, looks around, then takes off running as if that wasn’t the plan the whole time.

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Did Norvell get a bunch of transfers? FSU looks night and day on defense.


FSU trailing 14-21 late 1st half.

WYO up 10 on AFA in the 2nd.

AM v Miami tomorrow night should be wild.
Max Johnson at QB for AM. He had wins vs Florida (x2) and AM as LSU QB.

@ Aggies

Back up QB for FSU due to 1st half injury. And one of FSU’s best defenders also out. If FSU overcomes that on the road at Louisville, it will be impressive.

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FSU ties it up 1st drive out of half

UCF choked off their game against Louisville, AAC having a rough year so far

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This FSU QB was the backup?? Incredible throws. Wish we got that big WR Wilson.

True frosh too, I think

Norvell just did what some of our fans wanted to do last week, just run it 3 times instead of going for a throw to win it. Missed kick, let’s see what Louisville does now.

FSU defense stepped up.

currently have USC v Georgia and OU v Nebraska

but fixing to put my Tottenham Hotspur on the big screen. COYS!

Abilene Christian trails Mizzou 7-3. For a small private school, ACU has a lot of money and support.

Michigan vs Uconn on ABC linear doesn’t make any sense. None. Fox has Nebraska vs Oklahoma which is more like it.