2022 World Cup

It kicks off on Sunday

USA plays Monday the 21st vs Wales, Friday the 25th vs England, and Tuesday the 29th vs Iran. All matches are at 1 PM CST.

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Quatar is +250 against ecuador, anything can happen in soccer

This tweet was deleted. Lets see if it plays out that way.

40 minutes and an 8 year drought is ended.


And we tied, again.

Same stuff as always from the USA club. Just can’t put together two halves. Zimmerman’s foul was really a dumb mistake from a player who is better than that.

Trying to be positive… this is a young squad that I think will grow and become better but I don’t know if it’ll happen in this WC. They just didn’t look ready for this big stage in their lead-up matches. I hope I’m wrong.

Meanwhile… “Forca Portugal!!”

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Germany losses to Japan.


Ghana screwed

Down goes Portugal!!! Down goes Portugal!!!

Asia and Oceania looking good.

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Wish i had my Messi jersey on!!

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Holy crap. Grant Wahl “died”.

If the US lets Burhalter go its a sign they’re more stupid than I thought. US soccer follows US methodology. The club system has never been stronger and the MLS grows better players every year. While not entirely interrelated I think the US won’t win a WC til the 2030’s. But Burhalter is capable of getting us to the quarterfinals in my opinion. That’s a big jump in trajectory from where we’ve been.

Congratulations Messi and Argentina!! :argentina: