2023-24 Houston Cougars Basketball Season

That’s from 2 weeks ago…

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Don’t worry. The committee will feel sorry for them and try to dig down and find a beatable 16-seed. They’ll draw D-III Rowan and still lose in the first round.

Oh my bad.

Haha! Otherwise I would agree.


Even Purdue hasn’t been to a Final Four since the Carter Administration.

And then there’s Auburn and Tennessee…


Let’s say we beat Iowa St on Monday and that both Iowa St and us wind up 13-5 in conference. Who would win the regular season title and be seeded #1 in the Big12 conference tourney?


Finally a new Athletic article, for those that subscribe.




Maybe there should be a category for once dominate programs that wound up on life support……then
like a Phoenix rose from the ashes….

Retro Bloods.


Been there done that….but it wasn’t 70 cc’s.

JR is a tough SOB




We were never a dominant program. We had a couple good runs (1966-73, 1981-84) but have never consistently been a powerhouse until now. And even now, our run is only as long as the 1966-73 run.

So a seven year run is not dominant? Okay TP, whatever you say.

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“We were never a dominant program”???

Maybe you might want to put the crack pipe down every once in awhile.


Depends upon what the definition of dominant is. We were really great for a few years with Phi Slama Jama but couldn’t sustain it. There was nothing immediately before it or especially after it (for decades in the case of the latter). We were a perennial NCAA Tournament team from 1966-73 with Final Four appearances when it was much harder to make it, so I guess you can say we were dominant.

A few more years of continuing to be dominant, and the Sampsonites will have surpassed that era.

When we made our 5th final four in 1984, we were tied with Indiana and Cincy for the 7th most final four appearances. We were only behind UCLA, Kentucky, UNC, Kansas, Ohio St., and Louisville. We were ahead of programs like Duke, Syracuse, Michigan St, Villanova, Arkansas, and Michigan.


To add to my point above, we’ve never had remotely as good a run as Kansas, Michigan State or Gonzaga currently, UNC under Smith or even Pitt under Howland and Dixon, though we’re approaching the latter.

Gonzaga has made two final fours. They’ve had a great run but the most impressive part of it has been their consecutive tourney streak. Which when you factor in the expanded tourney with the fact that they play in a super weak league imo makes it not as impressive as Guy V making five final fours in under twenty years.


My point is our heights were high but we have never sustained it, at least compared to other notable programs. We have never been top 25 caliber pretty much if not for all of a decade straight.

Like I said it all depends upon your definition and perspective.

Sure but even that has become easier over time as the rankings expanded from 20 to 25 teams and as recruiting went national allowing the dominant programs to pull in even more talent. But I’m only challenging the Gonzaga run. Which for the record the most consecutive years they’ve been ranked is 7 which we will match this year.

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