2023 McDonald's All Americans announced

McDonald’s kids are usually one and done

The way coach Scheyer has look like a coach this season has been very dissappointing. But i guess it was his “dream school”.

Would be interesting to see the actual numbers on this. I mean, not interesting enough for me to actually do the work, but would like to see

Is the NIL a good thing. Kids making millions right out of high school. I though NIL would be
50-100K max, good money out of HS, but now if they can get McDonald’s they are set, most pan out,
but some get lost in the $$. One and done also makes it hard for colleges, to get them physically ready, mentally ready, learn the plays and defenses in one year. Our high recruits are struggling, could be why CKS took them all out at the end of the game.

House has been about as good as #2 Shabazz Muhammad who’s now out of the league but played 56 more games in the league before this year. #1 was solid. #3 had health issues. #4 undrafted after four years at AZ. #5 Kyle Anderson still at it and best of this group. 552 games over eight years before this year.

Schlotzsky’s was the sponsor for “others considered”……sorry.

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Haha. I figured you had them under RV. Others “receiving votes”.

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