2023 NCAA Tournament thread

This may be a silly question: but can someone explain the NCAA bench shirts for teams this year? Houston Sole? Is it a play-on word for soul? If so, what’s the second meaning?

Last years “Ball-in” made sense, but if I’m gonna buy it, I want to understand what I’m wearing :joy:

Like shoe soles?

From an athleticism standpoint, Kentucky doesn’t even belong on the same floor as K State.

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Wildcats are going to win this one.


I see what you did there.


It’s either about shoes or a fish.

It’s not even close. If K State plays smart, they’ll blow Kentucky out. And the guard play isn’t even close, either.

Kentucky doesn’t have the athletes.

Amazing performance from the Wildcats. I think the Wildcats will run away with this one down the stretch

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Kentucky is suspect at the very least

unexpectedly good game!

I am cheering for K State to beat the personal lubricants.


Kentucky has no idea how to stop Markquis Nowell.

has there been an overtime game yet this tournament?

Kind of feel badly for Purdue fans

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No. I don’t believe so

Take Tshiebwe to the cup, Nowell!! You had the advantage.

The cup got in the way.

After all the needless shots Purdon’t fans took at us the moment they won that MTE I feel 0 sympathy for those clowns lol

With how arrogant they act in January and February you’d think they’re 1960s UCLA and not the biggest tournament chokers of all time


Soul sucking dementors

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I don’t know why they haven’t made him the HC. Don’t really know what else the guy has to do.