2023 Recruiting

The kid from Manor is favoring Houston.

QB This kid from Cali will likely take a future OV

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Jenkins, Wilson, Lee, Pilot and Glover are all top targets that are warm in UH.
I’m sure there are others . I don’t see Evan’s as having us at the top of his list
But there is a lot of things that will shake out and cause players to redirect their options


I agree that Evans is leaning away from us, as he is picking up a lot of steam, but I’d still say we are in the mix. But that could continue to change


Tayshawn wilson just committed to baylor. That one hurts. I really thought we had him. And damn is he good.

Long way to go, and recruiting is as inexact a science as there is. I like the guys we have committed, but I hope we’ll start getting some higher rated recruits. With the move to the Big 12, I feel we need to up our recruiting game. Hope I’m wrong but I’m not seeing us have much of a chance with state top 75 guys.

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Way too early.

59 of the 247 Texas Top 75, 79 of the Top 100 have committed or have a 100% crystal ball.

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25% of those guys will flip before it is all said and done.

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I’m hoping we can make a late surge. We also have some guys who aren’t rated yet. I’d thought we would be better at this point in recruiting but there is still so much time we can make it up

Yeah, I think we can do well. I’m sure the staff is high on the guys we have, but it would be nice to get a few more high three stars or better recruits this summer. Tech has 21 commits including three four-stars, Baylor 17 commits with two four stars, and TCU 12 commits with two four-stars.

We don’t really have the bagmen like some of the other schools. Most of these schools have had 30 years of fostering relationships with donors because they have been playing in the big leagues while we have been scratching and clawing our way back.

We need to get alumni and boosters involved. Otherwise we will always languish behind our peers in the B12.


This is true and we don’t have a football end-zone facility similar to most of our new peer group. When compared to the Big12 programs, their FB facilities are way ahead of ours due to the P5 vs G5 funding difference we’ve experienced over the past 20+ years.

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Yes. That sucks. He can fly.

Weighted on numbers has them so high but TT should still have a great class at the end.

Six new B12 teams in Top 30 right now.

Oh man this is why this season is so important.

Coach Holgerson seems to have a methodically way of recruiting. He starts slow but he has a great finishing kick. He makes sure if you commit to UH you’re 100% in. That’s why he hardly has any decommitments.

As long as the players he’s getting developed nicely & helps us win, that’s all that matters.

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#93 right now but things will improve drastically. Only 1 player is rated.

Mikal Harrison pilot got some predictions for Texas after his visit/. The manning signing. He would have been a huge get as well

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I think we’ll have some local surprises


True, hard to criticize the 2023 recruitment train when it hasn’t even left the station yet, way too early for that. Rather have them commit and stay, rather than recruit 15 players like UCF and lose half of them in a week. Also, considering 4/5 of our recruits don’t even have a rating yet makes looking at rankings null and void right now. Not that ratings truly define the ability of a player.

Even then I’m expecting the King of Redbull to pull in some big BOOMs later in the recruiting cycle, just like you said. Should be a good year for incoming commits/transfers, especially if we have a great year.

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#93 is unacceptable.

I know its not over yet, but if most all of the P5s + 30 G5 are ranked ahead of us when it as said and done then we need to revisit our strategy .

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