2023 Recruiting

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A couple of highly rated La Grange recruits were in for a visit this weekend….Not positive if the were official visits but they were indeed getting 1st class treatment.

Bravion Rogers (Ath) and Jaren Woods ( DL )

Both would be big time gets….Bravion might be a 5* and Woods borderline 4*.


Old RB went to Ohio State from La Grange JK Dobbins. I saw him play in The Woodlands in a playoff game.

I hope these 2 stay closer to home and not Austin or College Station.


Yes , Urban went to La Grange personally for Dobbins….turned out pretty good for all involved.

Yes, it would be nice if these teammates came to UH.

Look at the offers they have, especially Rogers…… but the fact they came for a visit together to UH is a good sign.


I know we had three kids in from Ridge Point for the last basketball game here…the big lineman Kalu, the running back and a defensive back, all of whom have been offered by D1 schools.


Is Kalu related to ND Kalu ?

His son. I understand his cousin moved to RP and will be the other DE next year. The Panthers are going to be loaded next year and will tested the first when they travel to Austin Westlake.


Oh wow.

I wonder if he winds up at Rice.

ND talks them up quite a bit regarding the education he got there.

Sounds like a great kid.

He wears Baylor and UH stuff. Baylor lean


Well if he just a lean he can always lean back the other way…… Thanks for the info.

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My son said he really enjoyed the game. We have Ceaser on our roster and it would be nice to get a pipeline to RP
Great prospects coming up


My son will be an incoming freshman at RP next year. He’s in band, so he will be marching. I’ll be at every RP game for the next 4 years. :slight_smile:


Big weekend for kids on campus this past weekend . Some on Saturday, some on Sunday and some both. Pretty much a list of whose who for guys we are after .


Don’t know how I missed this, but March 25th Boarderline 5 star WR Jaquaize pettaway put out his top 10 with is in it.

Some high profile guys to keep an eye on

WR Jaquaize Pettaway
WR Ryan Nibblett
WR Jonah Wilson
CB Tayshawn Wilson
ATH Mikal harrison pilot

All high 4 star kids that we are squarely in the mix for. Expect this list to grow if we come out the gates hot next year


247 has LSU, OU and Texas as his top three. If we trump all three of those that will be quite extraordinary.

We have no chance if they’re recruiting like this


Apparently it was Herman

ND has said msny times that rhe facilities at UH are top notch and we continue to tell him…we are jusy getting started.

He speaks very highly about UH athletes so it wouldn’t surprise me if his son ends up here.


I’ve heard positive things about Parker Jenkins the Klein Forest RB. He is one of our top remaining rb targets and we seem squarely in his top 3-4 schools right now. After missing Marquise Collins’ top 5 I think its really important to land him


How are we doing for 2023 recruitment? We seem to be falling really behind UCF and Cincy? Cincy had like 18 commitments and seem in line to have a top 25 class.

We only have 2 commitments. Should we be worried?

No I wouldn’t be worried. I’d say we are chasing 15 or so high school commits very seriously that we could really land. Of those maybe we land 10. The rest will likely be transfers or jucos. It comes in waves though

I was bored and thought I would put together this list of our top recruits that we are in on for those who don’t follow recruiting too closely but are curious whats going on. Ive listed name position and 247 comp. Rank.

These are the top 2023 recruits that I would say we are in good positions with. If I am missing anyone let me know. QB and DL/EDGE are two positions I have almost zero insight on at this point. So additions are welcomed. Of these 14 I think we probably land 9 or 10. (Note that the NR just means they dont have a rank yet. Most of them will likely be mid to high 80s

Parker Jenkins RB .89

Jonah Wilson WR .90

Anthony Evans WR .90

Ja’koby Banks WR (COMMITTED) .87

Cayden Bowie OL (COMMITTED) NR

Jamall Franklin OL NR

Andre CoJoe OL .86

Mikal Harrison-Pilot ATH/WR .94

Ricky Lee ATH NR

Jonathan hall LB .87

Jalyn Stanford S NR

Ty Morris S NR

Tay’Sawn Wilson CB .90

Vernon Glover Jr. CB .87


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