2023 Soccer (Footy)

I guess I’ll start it, and maybe a few of us posting scores and commenting will generate some more interest.

Coogs beat Southeastern Louisiana 5-2.

You can catch the replay on ESPN+

A little sloppy at times with possessions (same problem in Washington game, IMO). But some great scoring, particularly in the second half.

Our announcers, who I enjoyed very much, said the program brought in 20 new players this year. Transfer portal is affecting all sports. There are some excellent athletes on the Coogs. It’s going to take me a couple of games to get down most of the names.

Several chances at a hat trick by no. 7, Nadia Kamassah.

I can’t believe they played at 1:00 on a day that was in the mid-100s. I was sweating watching the game on ESPN+. Probably should have worked with SELA to start the game at 10 or 11, if possible. But extra hydration breaks taken, and no one looked the worse for wear.

Good game. Recommended view.


Next game at SFA.

Thursday (24th) at 7:00.

UH online schedule gives conflicting indications on whether it will be shown on ESPN+ or not. Hopefully more certainty later in the week.

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On more thing I learned from announcing crew:

We miss BYU on the schedule this year. Apparently, BYU is pre-season no. 1.

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The Lady Coogs soccer win the Ladies Bucket over Rice, 2-1.

They’re now 4-0-1.

(My rendition of the Ladies Bayou Bucket :grin:)

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Coogs v. Louisiana Tech, Sept. 3, 2023:

Coogs go down a goal six minutes in.
Coogs grab two goals before the half.
Coogs then proceed to open a can of whoopass, scoring five more unanswered goals in the second half.
Lots of reserves got valuable playing time today.

Coogs in 7-1.


Heard the announcer say it’s the first time the Coogs scored 6 goals since 2011. I didn’t hear a stat after the 7th goal… When’s the last time we did that?

If it was 2011, that would be the 9-0 win over tsu. It got to the point where UH players were practicing trick ball handling/juggling and trick shots, bicycle kicks etc. As I was watching, I got the impression tsu’s recruiting was limited to someone wandering their campus, stopping women students to ask them if they wanted to be on the soccer team.

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UH lost it’s first Big 12 soccer match, 3-0 in Lubbock.

Texas Tech controlled that game. TT is receiving votes for Top 25, so they are no slouch. They are clearly a step above the Coogs right now.

Coogs still have some work to do in soccer. But they are getting better every year and brought in some good transfers and a good freshman class. Hope to see them have a good game against UCF tomorrow


Tough 1-0 loss to UCF tonight. Coogs were outmatched but showed heart in the second half. Just couldn’t put the ball in the net.

UCF’s lone goal was an olimpico. Unfortunately the Cougar defender at the near post whiffed on the ball and the keeper didn’t react in time. That was the difference.

I never watched soccer until my son started playing last year, really glad that I can catch the games on ESPN+.

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It was a good game but UH let UCF be to comfortable in their own half in the first 15-20 minutes of the second half.

UH was clearly outmatched in terms of strength and speed. They had trouble keeping the ball tonight. But the soccer team clearly has support. The crowd was energetic tonight and has been all season.


Coogs beat Kansas (worst team in Big 12) on the road today, 2-0.

Coogs now 2-5 in the Big 12 on the season.


Lady Coogs with two 2H goals to tie #21 TCU 2-2.


I just saw that we lost at home to an unranked UT 6-1 in front of the largest crowd in program history. Wow that’s embarrassing.

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You know there’s a lot of work to be done when you move up 15 spots in the RPI’s after a tie on the road and a loss at home. Not to mention the team that beat you dropped from #50 to #59.

If Iowa St loses to Tech and Cincy loses to WVU, would UH move into the top 10 of the standings by beating Baylor? I’m not sure how the point thing works, just the win/loss would be better.

I do believe it is the top 10 teams that are in the conference tournament, yes?

Have not paid attention to the season, but noticed that we did not make the Big 12 tourney while the other 3 new schools did. That’s unacceptable. I’m saying this as a soccer coach. This state is a hot bed for talent. It should be a lot easier to win here than say, BYU. Stick one assistant in Frisco and the other in Katy and just go shopping. I talk with one of the former players at UH who also played at Kentucky and she told me that the players are well taken care of at UH, that compared to Kentucky which clearly has a bigger budget, UH really took care of this program. I take that to believe we have everything in place to win. Just need to go out there and do it.

It looked like we were on the right track until it all hit the fan with our former coach.
We got a kid from Ridge Point and she started later in the season. We have another top RP kid coming in for next year.
That’s a step in the right direction. Like Matt said, just keeping working hard and shopping the area for talent

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