2023 Transfer Portal

I never saw anything UH….

Purdue, Baylor and Western Kentucky were the only D-1 offers he had I believe….Don’t know where UH came from….I don’t think that is true.

Someone on here posted an article with a quote about it. Maybe @WhoWeTalkinBout ? So much has gone on since then that I can’t pinpoint exactly where that is on here though.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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You sound like the kind of guy who doesn’t believe palm readers or Tarot card readers either. :joy:


I mean those people are just full of crap

If Edey wins POY I think it’s a travesty. Brandon Miller is the best player in the country.


Zero chance he is taking that trophy home. Given where his name has been the last month.


Pot just called out the kettle


Edey won Gameday’s POY, but I agree with you.

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I dont know… He sure didnt look great vs UH.

He sure is more a thug than those memphis kids. Even though they almost came to blows last night!

Hey, non thugs often deliver loaded guns to their friends late at night and block cars from escaping from your friend with his loaded gun. And now he has to have an armed security guard with him because coach won’t let him carry a gun anymore and his friend’s gun is with the police.


Cue the victim pivot


I don’t. Do you spend a lot of time those places?

carlton was mugsy bogues compared to edey.

i hate teams that have a nine foot center. its just cheesy


They’re great places to help make life decisions while getting your income taxes done.

Always trust the Crystal Ball!


Also, i believe our coogfan roots run deep with the psychics. Here’s looking at you, coogboog.


boog said the ACC

I think on the old site, maybe around 2010, he said ACC by 2020 or something like that. The AAC didn’t exist yet —- i think she was just off by a letter. Not bad. I mean it’s gotta be really fuzzy and gray in that psychic ether.
I kinda also think coogboog was just drunk and had a magic 8 ball.

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Catamount, you should be the lead counsel for the Clairvoyant’s Union.

“Your Honor, let the record show that my client was just off by one letter when she instructed the accused to kill Mr Batan.”