2023 UH Cougars Baseball Fall Ball / UH Baseball Sweepstakes

Scroll to the bottom for B12 weekend matchups.

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Duarte in late Oct gave a fall report.

Sean Kenny with a plan. $100k into pitching lab.
Kenny brought Andy Davis as director of analytics from GA.
Staff of 4 students assistants.

Weekend rotation now.
Right- Jaxson Jelkin (South Mountain CC) , left- Antoine Jean (Georgia), and right- Paul Schmitz.

Schmitz out this fall. Has a shot at All American this year.

Frosh righties Richie Roman, Cameron Edmonds, Diego Luzardo and Alex Solis look good. Whitt says “By far the best crew of freshmen arms I’ve had,”

Kyle LaCalameto ready Mid March. If he is an average B12 pitcher things are looking up.

Ryan Dollar looking better. Huge recruit 4 them . They need him.

Good chance of Jose Torrealba getting 1 last season. Set up guy.

Anthony Tulimero played w a broken finger. Looks good after surgery.
Semi finalist 4 Buster Posey award 22-23.

True frosh Ace Reese looks good, Utility guy. Maybe clean up.

Jake Rainess from Maine. SS w power may lead off.

Joey Craig from Glendale CC out this fall but looking good for some power.
Lyssy at 3d this season.

Coll from Ark looking like a starter at mid field.


Thanks for the update! We don’t get much Coog info on the UH baseball board lol

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I have to see it to believe it….

We have heard statements similar to this from TW before……

Todd should have been fired last year.
He wasn’t ….Pez threw him a lifeline by switching pitching coaches….I didn’t see much in his background that screams improvement.

Again, he’ll have to show me.

This “ pitching lab” is something most programs have….and none of it matters if you don’t have the talent.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I was fooled once a few years ago….the last two years were just insulting baseball fans intelligence….

I truly hope TW pulls off the Christmas Miracle and gets the program back on track….but if there are not HUGE strides made ( making the tournament, even as a 3 seed) then he needs to go, enough is enough.


Isn’t today national signing day for baseball?

Somebody check that for me.


The gem is still in w UH.
Come MLB Draft…who knows ?


Did his dad play with the cows? What’s with the Texas jersey?

Pinellas County, FL cranks out P5 and high school draft MLB guys.
Overshadowed by across the bay in Tampa.

Not on Perfect game yet.

WWBA world tourney.
State of Texas not Bonghorns.


I really like our red jerseys. They look clean.

The lady to his right wearing the Red Nike shirt graduated from the University of Houston.

Does anybody know her or remember her name?

UH baseball soon.


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Just glanced at the schedule again….the goal is to load up on slop to not have a losing record heading into
Minute Maid.


Warren Nolan predicted SOS has them 8-0 headed in.

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