2024-2025 Houston Cougars Basketball Season

UC should have won both of those games. They just made a few mistakes. They couldn’t figure out how to close out games. I mean UC had a crap ton of losses that were 5 points or less and they didn’t have a closer. There is a reason UC was 39th in kenpom even with a losing record in the big 12… they were on the cusp of being a really good team but not closing out games hurt them.

In the 2nd game Uzan fouled out, had 2 points, was 1 for 10 from the field, had 3 assists to 4 TO… and 33 offensive rating.

UC lost because they couldn’t shoot on the road. Uc out rebounded Oklahoma, had less TO but too few shooters killed them.

Uzan could be really frickin good just with a change of scenery. I mean same could be said for Dillion Mitchell who had 2 head coaches in 2 years at Texas. But from what I’ve seen personally of Uzan, I thought he was very Meh.

I even think a guy like dayday Thomas would kill
It at Houston. Because he’s defense first, really aggressive but needs polish on offense.

Dead serious… I wouldn’t trade UC’s PG’s for Houston’s. I like dayday & jizzle over Uzan & Miller. Miller & Uzan could be studs but right now knowing what I know, I have to go with UC PG

for someone whose favorite player is gary clark, you sure do hang up a lot on points…

uzan isnt the best scorer, that has been estabilished, i myself have noted he wasnt my first option because he isnt a top scorer…

your ability to discredit the rest of his game because he isnt a scorer is odd…

uzan has extremely tight handles and extremely smart basketball IQ… if he was a better shooter/scorer he would have been a 1st round draft pick THIS YEAR… do you genuinely think a pg thats a liability would be in those convos as a weaklink…

he was an all big 12 freshmen (something jizzle wasnt), this was the narrative for him just last year (A few months ago)

comes with a video, link: x.com



and there are still people who believe in his potential:
ESPNs main draft guy


when i think of uzan the negative is that i probably shouldn’t expect him to carry us as a scorer…

the negative you are insinuating is crazy to me: that he is some pg that would be rattled by pressure …when he will be an upperclass on his 3rd year starting in an elite league… and basketball iq and clean handles are his whole selling point

also i wouldnt trade Houstons pg for UC either

and this isnt some counter retort im making, just because of what you said…

a thread from like 2 months ago we talked about potential pgs… i noted i wanted jizzle becuase he would be a backup pg here and that would be his lot (Sampson wouldn’t make him the starter), and i think he would be a great backup pg for us… i didnt want uzan because he was good enough to start, and i wanted a better starter…
i knew if we got uzan we’d be done and he’d be our starter (And at the time i wanted wade taylor)… and knew there was no way we’d put all our eggs in jizzle

again this isnt some petty retort, i posted this before you started posting here… uzan is a more proven commodity than dayday or jizzle… anyone not biased trying to win next year is taking uzan over dayday and jizzle… how we handle the backup role is too early to know, so i cant speak on miller till we see some games

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Have we met the UC pesik?



Our roster has been updated for the 24-25 season.
Personally disappointed not getting to see the updated measurements for all our players. Everyone listed with the same ht/wt as the last one.

They wait till the end of summer to maximize the listed weights … as the end of summer listed weight will be what is used throughout the season. And for draft stuff


Coach Elvin knows the drill!

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The tables have turned FOR Coach Elvin. Lol

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That photo of Elvin makes him look like a Drill Instructor chewing out some boots.

Ryan Elvin, Drill Instructor.


Looks like TA put on some muscle and got some ink :eyes:

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NOAH shot tracker

From the youtube video it said the best arc for a jump shot was 43-47 degrees

Ramon’s arc on average was 41 degrees. Interesting data


J’Wan’s must have been about 5 degrees.


TA working out without any protective brace for his Achilles.


What do y’all think the ceiling is for this team this year vs reality

i dont know about reality… but ill do floor and ceiling

the ceiling is crazy high for this team, this could be a historically great team in all of college basketball… we were beating p5 teams by 20, and top 2 most of the year last year despite having regular 6, 8 minute scoring droughts… any noteworthy kind of offense and next year is legendary

the floor is what we saw versus duke after shead was injured …which was a team that was able to take a top 13 team to the wire, so our worst case is probably around #15 (without crazy injury), a great defense with suspect offense


Yeah i’m not worried about the defense at all you know what you are going to get with J’wan Cryer and Sharp I like that they added Uzan because those guys need a facilitating point guard to get them the ball I guess the question is who else is going to step up

I like Myliks game I know he will step up defensively not everyone is meant to be a superstar but if him and Ramon can be snipers and hit from a decent clip from 3 that just opens so many more doors

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mylik will never be a sniper,at best an okay shooter and that is being optimistic…

i love mylik and he helps solidify the floor of the this team, as a great worst case… but if this team is great IMO someone has jumped him …