2024 Bracketology

Yes please! I would take it in a heart beat! #2 seed in Dallas South Region. Also projected as Big 12 champs!


Purdue with another brutal first round matchup.


I’m pretty sure FDU’s coach went to Iona too lol

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I can’t be a one seed again. The stress of the NKU game caused me to lose clumps of hair. I’m fine with 2 seeds


I don’t want to be a 1 seed anymore. I’d rather be underestimated so we can reach the final. It’s nice during the regular season but for tournament it’s not any easier.

If we end up in a region where Purdue is the #1 seed we are in good shape….lol

And I think next years team will be better than last years and battle tested.

A one seed is fine with me.


Wait…this lists us as AQ so they’re predicting us to win the B12?!


Kansas lost a good chunk of players in the portal and hasnt really replaced anyone yet

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Same with Marquette. Shaka and Painter are regular season gods but are notorious for choking in March. If we have a down year I wouldn’t mind seeing them for an easy R32 win

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It’s possible Kansas and Texas could be a bit down next year but you never know with the portal

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It’s almost a given the B12 will regress from its 2021-23 levels but as long as at least 60% conference games are Q1 then its fine

Baylor losing Cryer was a big blow, too! They have talent but they’re young.

Is Zach Edey back ?

FAU as a 2 and Memphis as a 10 is beautiful.


FAU returns everyone with the exception of one role player. And they upgrade that position.

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You mean player/first round exiter of the year, Zach Edey? No idea.

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True, but I doubt that many P6/other elite nonP6s are willing to schedule them in OOC in order for them to get a 2 seed

Aren’t they in the American now ?!

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I wouldn’t say UH is going to be this good just yet.
Although I love the pickups with Cryer and Dunn and will have one of the best backcourts in the nation, if they were to start the season with the players they have now. It would be the most inexperienced Front court that Sampson has ever had in his tenure here.
3 Freshmen with 2 being called long term projects,
Francis who didn’t see much playing time towards the end of the season and J’Wan Roberts who was exposed in the Miami game and against any decent big man throughout the season., . I hope they can get another experienced Big in the portal

Yes, but the main issue is that unless teams like Tulane and Temple finally decide to not ghost OOC, FAU will find themselves in a similar spot we were in from 2020-23 being having almost 0 chances to get Q1 wins but having loads of chances to take a head scratching loss that tanks seeding

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