2024 Cougar Olympians

Thought it’s worthwhile to start a thread of current and former Coogs heading to the Paris Olympics:

Great Britain - Louie Hinchliffe 100m (& 100m relay?)
South Africa - Shaun Maswanganyi 100m, 200 m, 4x100m
Mexico - Cecilia Tamayo Garza 200m
Barbados - Tristan Evelyn - 100m

Antrea Mita - 2024 Greek National Champion HJ, going to World U20 Championships
Michaela Mouton - Team USA 400m World U20 Championships


Thanks for posting! Can’t wait. Purchased the Peacock $20/year special just for this. And maybe for the TDF as well.

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Updated to add Tristan Evelyn.

Good stuff in the link:

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