2024 NCAA Friday 3/22 Games Thread

Who really cares about these games until the last one

except Vermont over Duke


I’ll be watching:

FAU v Northwestern
New Mexico v Clemson
Florida v Colorado
Aggie v Nebraska
UH v Longwood

and a bunch of others in between.


Probably only watch the UH game, but I hope that Nebraska, Florida, NW, and Clemson win to help my bracket!

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I want Clemson to lose. Talking shiit about B12. Eff Clemson.



Northwestern one of the only B10 teams that doesn’t play soft

The Vegas money seems to be coming in for Texas A&M. I will follow the money, even though I don’t gamble and l’m rooting for Nebraska.

Baylor absolutely destroying Colgate so far. 45-25


FAU v Northwestern has been entertaining


I was hoping for the good FAU team to show up to the tournament again.

their big man is on fire right now

still time but they need to get some stops

54-50 Northwestern

5:19 to play

This felt like the hardest game to pick. I had zero feel for this game. 40/42 in KenPom, both had awful Q4 losses and FAU had 2 of them. Think I picked NW simply because they beat Purdue

I picked FAU because I thought they had the best chance of beating UConn

Either of these teams beating UCONN on a neutral court would be on par with a 2 beating a 15 to me. Feel like UCONN could player either 100 times and win 99 times

these announcers arent shy about announcing from the NW point of view

so yer saying there’s a chance

what was that?

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Number 1 going for the moment, not the win

Johnell Davis looks nothing like the scrappy guy from last tourney. Terrible last shot in regulation