2024 UH Portal Moves



In this era, why even follow recruiting? Who knows who will be there a year or two later.


All I know is Early is recruiting and hasn’t given up. Hope this guy is retained.


What are everyone’s thoughts on staying with Donavan as QB or going to the portal again? I guess its hard to know until we have a coach. We are missing a pivotal time in the portal though.

Absolutely go to the portal for some competition for Donavan. May the best man win.


A portal QB is going to take some cash. Any of the coaching options have someone they can bring?

It’ can be easier…if we just mimic the successful past and bring our team mates that feel they were looked over or passed up or lead to believe that they weren’t up to the power 5 big leaguers … let’s remember who wrought us to those winning seasons and brought the power 5 teams to acquire our head coaches… THE UNDER DOGS… THE GUYS WITH A CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS…THOSE THAT DESERVE THE CREDIT BUT DIDNT GET IT…look for them in our portal windows and show them that they are the winners God made them to be here at The University of Houston….

From Southern Mississippi portal.

We should offer DJ Uiagalelei…that guy can ball. Only have him for a year…but would definitely come in an make a difference at the QB position.


He had his best year so far. I’m betting he follows his coach to Michigan State.


We should offer the Wazzu QB. Give Donovan some competition


He probably will. Michigan St has the alumni with $ to give him plenty of $. Oregon St is now a g5 school pretty much.

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Part of me says—-

If we are serious about showing we belong this would be the move to make.

But then I also—-

Think it may be wasted next year……a ballsy move like this we wait a year or two when we are better top to bottom.

Competition? Ward would be the starter without a doubt. The price tag might be too high for him this time around.



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As soon as Coach Fritz contacts the team the better. He has an easy way about him. If given the chance he should secure the roster, minus a few players. I don’t think it matters in the short term. But it will pacify the fans.



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Surprised he wouldn’t wait for his entrance sit down w UH HC Fritz.
Somewhere in mind that gets him tons of targets ?
Good blocker for his size.

Carnes a legit B12 caliber player but if he drops down 2 G5 he could put up some numbers.


What about Sam Brown?

I’m not surprised by Carnes xferring out.

He wanted to transfer last Pre-Season, but Holgorsen told him he’d start using him more and somehow convinced him to stay (similar to the situation with WR, Jeremy Singleton back in 2021).

If you check out some of the interviews with Carnes on UH Athletics & especially a 1-on-1 with GoCoogs (dot) com, Carnes sort of shows how annoyed he was that he wasn’t getting any playing time.

He was very serviceable & came in clutch in crucial moments in some games (TxTech, ATX-U, etc)…I believe he’s gonna ball out wherever he goes, especially if it’s in the G5.