2025 Offers

Well actually if we do the math. Mercy, Chase, Jefferson, Lath, McFarland. Are the ones I’d say I’m real confident in them returning next year. I’m pretty sure Sharp will too, Maybe Uzan? That leaves you at 6-7 with No current HS commits. You could take around 4 transfers and 3 HS.

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True. I will say I will kind of expect Uzan and Sharp to at least go through the draft process next year if they have good years. Assuming those two return I think you have enough age and experience to bring 4 high schoolers in if all 4 of the top targets want to commit otherwise I could see 3 and then being serious players in the portal next year for the other 4 spots.


Especially Sharp being in CKS system for a hot minute. Uzan is nice too!!!

If UH wins the chip they’re gone possibly!!!

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2025-26 roster

1.Milos Uzan
2.Emanuel Sharp
3.KJ Jefferson
4.Mercy Miller
5.Chase Mccarty
6.Jacob McFarland
7.Ced Lath

3 freshmen, 3 transfers. Just like after the Final Four season

4 freshmen i think is hard to do. Unless you bring one in a semester early. Which we can’t this season. No available scholarships


If we win the whole thing, I fully expect to see wholesale changes across the board. Assistants taking their shots at head coaching gigs, roster turnover, and the start of the CKS2 era.


uzan as an improved shooter/scorer, will get some nba looks…

sharp being unorthodox makes his NBA projections a bit tricky…

Arcenueax isnt a lock to go, he has a great year but not in an NBA type of way i could see him coming back

and id be shaky about both lath and mcfarland coming back, 1 will estabilish a heirachy over the other, in the same class, i could see 1 of them going

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Everyone knows you never go full Musselman.


If UH has great success this season is because Milos Uzan is the real deal… he’ll have the ball a lot in his hands. I think he’ll test the NBA waters. We’ve seen crazier things in the past with Hinton & Brooks declaring before being draft-able!!!

They also need to stay healthy.

Healthy or not Milos is probably the most critical piece in CKS offense!!!

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Disagree, the most critical unknown

The most critical piece has to be lj… not only as our top scorer, but will be handling the point a lot too with few noteable scorers on the team … eveneryone is mentioning us uzan development at point… cryer could also develop his skills at the point


I don’t see Cryer playing the point very much except to relieve Uzan maybe for a few minutes a game.

And since I have read that McFarland prefers to play the 4 and Lath clearly plays the 5, I don’t see why either would necessarily want to leave.


there was a rumor mcfarland wanted to play the 4 and had guards skills in the offseason last year, and so i watched a ton of his tape… and im not sure where that came from as he played exlcusively at the 5, showed no guard skills, he is a prototypical center… he wasnt even doing mid ranges

he runs the floors extremely well, why he was touted, but that was straight line quickness not lateral…

as for lj, i was watching some beginning of the year tape, and i think lj will play a lot of point after watching those game…after the tcu loss the dynamics of the team changed, and shead took over as a scorer and “i run the entire offense”… but the games prior, lj had decent stretches of being the pg for about 10-15minutes a game, sometimes even with shead in… i was of the same mindset a you but after rewatching those i think we’ll have lj share some of the pg duties.

i think back to corey davis and his shift from junior to senior year …who ran a ton more point as a senior

and a point to add, uzan is the new guy and is naturally quiet… i cant see him coming in and ordering a team that was #1 around when his team last year didnt even make the tourney …its more likely lj will try to take charge especially in critical moments


Only a tough player could step into what Uzan is and we will find out. I really do like his skill set.
As for the point I think we could see a scenario later in the season with Cryer running the point while Mercy comes off the bench but for now I see Uzan and Wilson playing the the point. That will help our rebounding and defense.

You know ball :sunglasses:

Coach Sampson offered this past Tuesday to the #1 player in High School basketball.

What is there to say other than he’s great!!!


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I’d like to think I had a small part in this journey lol


We are probably way to late to the party for this guy

Anyone know who is in the lead here? Can’t find much. I imagine we wouldn’t have offered him this late if we didn’t have a shot

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