21-22 Season ticket waitlist (UHCougars)


Have had season tickets for 2 or 3 years. I currently have season tickets, but different location. Am I required to get on the wait list, or are my prior seats grandfathered ? ? ? ? ?

I kinda want to know this, too. I hope I’m able to go back to my pre-Covid seats and not have to go through a selection process next year.

Just joined the wait list. Really hoping COVID is completely gone before the next season starts so I have a fighting chance at getting some tickets.

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me too

I emailed them to confirm. I doubt 2019-20 season ticket holders have to be on the wait list but I prefer confirmation.

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I hope your right. I had Seasn tiks for 19/20 seasn but not this year.

Yes you are still in your former seats, I believe even if you did not renew for the Covid season

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Season ticket holders who opt out still have their seats for next season


Yes, I can also confirm that I was told that I have my season seats for next year even though I opted out for this year. Didn’t have to fork over any $$$. So, I expect to receive notice when renewals resume for next year.


Yeah you shouldn’t have to get on any wait-list if you already had season tickets and chose any option with them. That would be a dumb move by the u.

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i guess i just bought 2 waitlist season tickets?

so am i paying a deposit then paying the rest once i pick my seats or?


Question, do you have to pay every year to get on the waiting list or does your deposit roll over until you get season tickets?

Have we ever sold out of season tix?


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I wanted to buy some last year but I live out of town… Guess I’ll just buy resale when I come into town.

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Truth is, unless you can attend most of the games, buying resale is a much less expensive option than going full season. May not be the best seats and a lot depends on how many the brokers need to dump at the last minute.


Does anyone know if the prices will go up for the 21-22 season? Does anyone have a price chart from this year?

My guess is yes just based on the deposit amount. Last year the deposit to get on the wait list was $50/ticket. For 21-22, it is $75/ticket.

To answer @UHross’s question, last year I put down a deposit for a couple of tickets but never got the opportunity to select, so they refunded my deposit.