247Sports rankings of U of H BB commits

I was looking at the All-Time rankings of U of H commits by 247Sports. These rankings take in 67 more recent players & don’t take into account some of our great players of yesterday year (ex. Hayes, Olajuwon, Birdsong etc…). After looking at this, I had two knee jerk reactions. One was this whole ranking thing can be a “ crap shoot” ex. ( Armoni Brooks @ 27). The second thought is that CKS & his staff have done a very good job according to 247Sports recently (ex. Tramon Mark 3, Jamal Shead 5, Nate Hinton 6 & J’Wan Roberts 7). I know there are a lot of groups that rank players, but it was fun to see what 247Sports rankings on our more recent commits! What do y’all think?


I love looking at all time recruits in both basketball and football for teams on 247. It is amazing to see some of the NBA and NFL stars at the top of the lists and some of the incredible busts as well.