3 of next 4 Final Fours are within driving distance

So let’s keep going to Final Fours and show up en masse…

2022: New Orleans
2023: Houston
2024: Phoenix
2025: San Antonio


2023…I hope we are a top 4 National Seed.


I guess technically, everywhere is within driving distance. Phoenix is a 16 hour drive. No thank you.


Interesting to read this thread as we are on the road driving back from Indy for the 3rd week in a row. Go Coogs!


The goal is to win the 2023 Championship at home.


I live in Tucson and would be happy for road trips to N.O., Houston, and San Antonio.

April weather is great and a nice leisurely road trip would be excellent.Vistas are beautiful!


Hopefully, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona won’t rival Indiana for bad roads . . . . . highways and intown ones . . . . .

Right, but I would take a championship in 2022 in a heartbeat and worry about 2023 later.


I drove to Indy…twice! Took plane for Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight…


You are absolutely right about the bad roads in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Texas and Arkansas were OK. Makes you glad you are a Texan with great highways!

How wonderful that we can realistically talk about future Final Fours!

Missouri actually has one of the best road systems in the country. Texas has an okay system, Arkansas’ is really poor.

Texas highways may be good but the condition of Houston roads and streets are embarrassing.
Every time I’ve hit a pot hole and it rattles the car over past two weeks, I keep saying, “We made the Final Four. We made the Final Four.” And then all is good again.


Lets make all 4, Phoenix is doable. It would be nice to win the championship in Houston, but just as sweet anywhere.

I am planning on all 4 cities.

But is Kelvin?

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Drove across Indy more than 8 times over one weekend, from East to West on the major interstate. Made Houston streets look like they were just freshly paved. Downtown streets were terrible, also. Interstate SW out of Indy had major potholes, spaced about 1 mile apart. It was interesting trying to dodge potholes and keep from running others off the road . . . . .

I drove it as well for the final four. The interstate from Illinois to Indiana was crap all the way through. In fact it seemed the further away from Texas you got, the worse the roads were.