#3 UH AP poll


Stop Edey and you stop Purdue.


Mia O’ Brian……that is all.

I would pressure him with speed and power. Roberts and Walker on him.

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What I was expecting.

Thank god UH didn’t lose vs Cincy. It would be nice if the cougars can run the schedule the rest of the way :pray:


Agree. We were treat very fairly after Temple loss but I think we have used up all our mulligans. We had a really good week beating UCF (quad 1) and Cincy but still got leaped by Tenn. The rest of our schedule is not going to impress anyone outside of beating Memphis. I am afraid we will be challenged every week on getting leaped over by teams in P5 even if we keep winning.


Watched the Tennessee - UT game and Tennessee is legit. Don’t want to meet them until the final

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Watched them a bit and thought the same thing.

I think we would beat Tennessee 23-21


No way we can stop Hendon Hooker with our pass defense.


Nothing scary about Purdue at all….we match up quite well with them.

Having said that….we need to get out and guard the three point line better than we have lately….

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We couldn’t stop Army with last season’s pass defense.

Easier said than done it seems :joy:

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Ok Mr Pollard, you’re better than that. Who exactly do we have that matches up w Edey. Man is a Beast n 5-6 in taller than our guys underneath.
I rather the Coogs not face him. Just my opinion.



Watched him very closely yesterday n there was no stopping him. Dominate. Plus he has great court awareness.

I have watched Purdue play 3-4 times….I don’t think their team speed is good……UH is way more athletic.

CKS will go hard at the big guy, make him play defense….to me that is very important to make him work hard on the defensive end.

I would guess that coach will have someone front the guy if needed and trap him whenever he gets the ball….I think they will turn him over multiple times….he will have to react extremely quickly to make a post move or kick it out….If the guy is going off on the offensive end despite that( which I doubt) CKS might even have Francis and Roberts in the game at the same time….if you front him with Francis the guards will have to make an extremely difficult pass to get him the ball.
Coogs biggest challenge will be keeping him off the boards for garbage put backs……he is not going to go off with his back to the basket.

There is a lot more to containing a good big man then worrying about him being bigger than our guys….
This isn’t high school basketball where the big guy just goes to work.
These coaches are very intelligent and know how to matchup to several different styles……the Coogs also have some of the most athletic players in the country….

My earlier post as well as this one are my opinions…you don’t have to agree…

Can you explain from a coaches perspective why you wouldn’t want to play against them other than he’s bigger than by 5 to 6 inches over our players?
Or is that all there is to your opinion?

UH isn’t losing to Purdue……You should be way more worried about teams like Alabama, Tennessee, etc.


double him and make someone else make a play - its all you can do.

I guess there is the Tanya Harding option, but that’s not our style.


Edey cant dominate if he doesnt have the ball. I would think CKS would make it very difficult for the inside feeds and pressure the passing lanes. Make them work and use some clock before he even touches it.