$30 Billion Ike Dike: 'Go big or go home': Houston wants New Orleans-level hurricane protection

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Go big! We’re talking about my hometown (Galveston) so I’m biased but if the Houston ship channel goes, you talk about supply chain? :hushed:

Another Ike or Alicia or Carla or Harvey or 1900 is only a matter of time. You get the picture.


Something like this should have been stuck in the infrastructure


Great article. This should be a public and private project united with one common goal. Protect an entire region. Thank you for posting.

I agree, however, it would probably end up being a political issue as does everything these days. They would say it’s just a way to slowndown climate change efforts

I do not see it as a climate change “game changer” at all. The Galveston/Houston area just like New Orleans has needed these types of hurricane “barriers” since the first settlers came in. Holland started building these barriers way before there was any talks of climate change. I am all for it. Both the private and public sectors should be involved in this project. It protects the entire area be schools, small businesses etc…Having both together with this common goal is the best way to go about it.

Reviving this old thread…looks like some progress on the Ike Dike.