#34 M. Car

Anyone else think Car needs more touches? I love the way he runs north/south with some physical toughness/meanness. I’m not knocking #2 Duke Catalon. Love Catalon’s speed in the open field (a great run last night from 45 or 50 yards out…he turned on the jets when he got to the sideline). But, as the game worn on, I enjoyed watching Car punish the SMU second level. Anyone know why he doesn’t play more? Missed blocking assignments? Other issues? I don’t remember him fumbling or blowing assignments? I enjoyed the run game last night. Lined up and pushed SMU off the ball. Good job OL.

Go Coogs.


He’ got two very good RBs ahead of him on the depth chart. He’s basically the 3rd guy now and should get more touches as the season goes along.

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Glad you pointed out Car. I, too, think he should get more playing time. He’s fast and runs tough between the tackles, and doesn’t go down easily.

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Even with Catalons big game yesterday I would like to see Car get the majority of the touches. I feel he has a much higher ceiling and could take our offense to new level of consistency.

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CMA said that he was looking for four running backs. I think that Car has just begun to arrive as a runner, coinciding with better Oline play.

Car reminded me of Farrow’s punishing runs.

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CMA likes Car. It was Herman that held him back last year !

Clearly Car has been hitting it in the weight room. He is jacked !!