3rd and Prime

fire Prime?

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Prime has already made a huge impact on not only football, but the University of Colorado in general. This goes well beyond wins and losses.

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They’re already losing recruits

I don’t think the hype is sustainable unless he turns it around next year

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Remember, they won one game last year. Prime has already made an impact, and not just with football.

That’s true

A lot of their games have been close ones too. They could be 8-2 or 7-3 by a matter of plays

I’d take Coach Prime any day over Dana but that ship has sailed.

4-6 Colorado is trailing 4-6 Washington State 56-14 with 5:42 left in the 4th quarter.

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That “Prime” thang looks not so good now.

There’s still time left

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Prime build Cu with players out of the transfer portal. That is one of the main things that people complain about Dana. He doesn’t recruit. Dana just relies on the portal. Sanders complained about his o line a couple weeks ago and said he needs new players. I don’t think he’s going to trust freshman o lineman. He’s going portal.

Of course he is. And it will perpetuate the need to go back in the portal over and over. You’re turning over players at a 50-60% faster rate. It’s fine here and there but it’s no way to create stability.



It ran out and Wazzou won 56-14.

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