3rd Down efficiency against OU

Knew it was good, but that’s amazing.


Another amazing stat.

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The stat board at the game showed how UH was winning the 3rd down battle. UH also had over 300 yrs of offense at the half. OU made some adjustments or UH wore down, maybe a little of both.

We also took our foot off the gas pedal for the entirety of the 4th quarter to try to run clock. I’m not sure we threw a single pass in the 4th quarter.

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When you get a “kick-6”, build a 16-point lead and your defense pitches a shutout from 8:30 left in the 2nd quarter until late in the 4th quarter, you don’t have to do the same things on offense that you did when building that lead. I think the situation changed more than OU adjustments or UH wearing down (my amateur opinion).

I honestly didn’t know that we had a punter until the second half.

Pitching a shutout, hmmm wonder what Pitt thought when they had UH down and presumably out. Even the coach said they were too conservative. Is that coach speak for they may have been a little tired, which he said the team was. If OU gets the inside kick and their ability to score quickly, hmmm. Glad my school won!

The coaches deserved second guessing on the hurry up on the first and goal fumble into the end zone. A FG puts the game away.

Herman gets paid the big $$$ to make and/or be accountable for these situations. He can sit on the ball, be conservative and rely on his defense or he can risk a big turnover by putting the ball in the air and remaining aggressive.

Herman’s teams continue to dominate the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Going into the half and the 3rd have proven to be very good for them during the Herman era. The OU game was no different.

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It wasn’t 3rd down but that fumble on the goal line was incredible. Ward actually tried to run an option while the back was on a dive into the end zone. Even Yeoman didn’t run an option on the goal line. Hard to imagine how that call was made, but UH would have been up 40-17.

I also noticed the efficiency of 3rd down conversions to the point that I actually became comfortable that Greg was going to convert. Reminded me of the comfort I had when Case was in the same situation. What a remarkable start to the season.


Another one:

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