4-1 = a few poll votes again?

Do we deserve a few votes in the polls Sunday? If we do what will it take to make the top 25?
I predict we would not see us there until we are 7-1

You’re hoping for s whole lot with this defense.

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Are there folks in every fan base who think they are going to win every game remaining on the schedule?

Votes??? … votes??? …

I am just hoping by some MIRACLE that our defense gets more consistent without having to get rid of DC D’On errr … DC No’D …

But then again I have been forever hoping Audrey Tautau would call for a dinner appointment …


We might get a vote or two. Probably won’t have a chance at getting double digit votes unless we win our next two. Knock off an undefeated USF at home and folks will start noticing us again.

However, have to beat ECU first.


I don’t even want votes until we stop blowing multiple assignment in our defensive backfield.


30 - 0, then maybe

Save yourself the heartache, this team overally isn’t that good. we are ranked almost last in total defense in FBS.

We need to beat soneone who has more than 1 FBS win this season

We will get a few votes at 4-1. We did crush a better than expected UA team that won last night. A win on the roasd against ECU at 5-1 will garner a few others.

Let’s forget about ranking for a while. All I want is for our Team to greatly improve & play well from ST, OF & DF. I know it is a lot to ask. We gotta be optimistic.
Here is a bit more of Audry Tautou:

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The real question is: Would Audrey be willing to jump on the Gus Bus, or the Pollytrain…Davy…er , Pawrful needs to know…