4/10 Polls

Back up to #11 in Perfect Game. Still amazing to me that we can be #11 in one poll, #12 in RPI, and projected to host a regional, yet still not unanimously ranked. Baseball America actually put UConn in above us this week.

Perfect Game
11. Houston
21. USF

Not out yet

23. Houston
ORV: USF (#26), UConn (#38)

23. Houston

Baseball America
25. UConn

Baseball America explained UConn by their 6-0 record in AAC play (series sweeps over 0-6 ECU and 2-4 Memphis). Apparently 6 conference games carries more weight than the season as a whole, since we beat UConn in literally every other metric. (RPI, non conference RPI, top 50 wins, SOS, NPI, ELO Chess, runs scored, runs allowed)

I personally would have framed the question differently. We’re #11 in Perfect Game, #12 in RPI, and predicted to host a regional by D1baseball.com. I’d ask why we aren’t in their top 15, not why we’re not at #25 instead of UConn.

John (Houston): Please explain the rationale behind ranking UConn ahead of Houston, or even USF. _

Teddy Cahill: UConn is 6-0 in the league, played its first 25 games away from home and only has two losing weekends. We like Houston a lot, obviously. It has a couple good weekends in tournaments, but when you look at its three series wins (East Carolina, @ UC Irvine, Alabama State), it’s a little underwhelming. As for USF, this weekend was South Florida’s biggest test of the season. The Bulls handled it very well, sweeping UCF. But I had a difficult time with its schedule before this weekend. USF lost its lone road series and has played 40 percent of its games against teams with 200+ RPIs. There was significant discussion about USF and Houston, however. Both are very much in the mix.

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So, we’re being penalized because they don’t care that much about the tourney results, we had the final game of the CSF series rained out, and we lost to a very good Baylor team barely on the road.

And UCONN has played…

Sigh. Oh well, just got to keep winning.

AAC Baseball Power Rankings: Week Two

1. Houston Cougars (4-2) [Last Week: 1]
After losing its opening weekend to UCF, the Coogs got it done at home in a big sweep over East Carolina.

They got the party started with 17-3 and 8-1 wins over the Pirates in game one and two.

On Sunday, they trailed ECU until the 6th, posted a 4-run frame, and never looked back. Houston moves into the logjam for 2nd place but has a road trip to Memphis this upcoming weekend.

A sweep would position Houston nicely for the conference race before closing with Tulane, @USF, UConn, @ Tulane.


Massey - College Baseball Ranking Composite - has us at 17. Still not ranked in Baseball America or Collegiate Baseball Newspaper while being ranked in the top 15 in all computer polls.

My concern is we have gone into Memphis on multiple occasions and not played well. We really need to go in there and take the series. I would be happy with this alone.

Agreed; can’t take Memphis lightly.

Baseball America has us a 2 seed in the Norman regional:

Yikes, we definitely need to do what we can to avoid being paired with Oregon State.