4 Coogs head to Doha for World Championships



Coach Carl…always repping:



Jefferson jumped 7.63m and did not advance.


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Lattin moves on in the 400 hurdles with 49.72


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Burke runs a 10.31 in the 100m heats so he wont advance.


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Over 60 hours of competition coverage will be aired in the United States on NBC, NBCSN and the Olympic Channel. Start list can be found by clicking HERE.

I can’t believe they’re holding this in Doha in September. Having had to live there 3 times for a combined year+ of my life, I can honestly say that Doha between May-October is probably about what hell would feel like. Think of Houston’s summer, now add about 20 degrees and a ton of sand everywhere and subtract the rain…that’s Doha. Same humidity as here as well and the sun comes up at 4 am.

Thank god I never have to go back.

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Lattin in Lane 5




Burke’s race



Burke continues pursuit of success at World Championships

While Mario Burke ran for Houston, he not only shine on the track but also made his mark in the classroom. He was the 2019 male Academic Cougar of the Year.

Mario Burke is the first in his family to graduate from a university and sign to be a professional athlete. Whether being in the same country or 2,500 miles away from home Burke continues to make his mother Marvo Burke proud in everything he does.

“I am extremely proud of Mario and all that he has done these past four years he has been in Houston,” Marvo Burke said. “Having your son not only leave home but go to another country is always something difficult to experience, but Mario puts my fears away with the way he carries himself.”

Mario Burke said as a kid he always knew he was fast but never knew how fast. Little did he know then he would now be preparing for his next track meet in Doha, Qatar.

The World Track and Field Championships are taking place, and Mario Burke will be competing in the 100 and 200- meter dash.

“Never give up or lose sight on your dreams,” Mario Burke said. “No matter the circumstances that may present themselves, always stay in the course and stay focused. Hard work and loads of dedication is always a necessity.”

Holding a women’s marathon was incredibly stupid. When you get into the 70s (especially with humidity) its too tough to run a marathon, it was 90 degrees and 70% humidity at midnight when they ran it!

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Man, I remember nights like those. Sometimes, the fog would roll in and be so thick you could see the sand particles floating in the air.

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Gold medal for Obi!