4 Star WR Hezekiah Jones is making commitment within Hour

Hopefully it is us. He is picking between UH, AM, Bama, Auburn, and N Dame.


He chose A&M

Ugh…hate losing that one…he is a hell of a player. Stafford is preseason #1 in 4A this year.

Yep. This is why the Big 12 needs to bring us in. Baylor’s demise has led to a huge gain for LSU and Aggies recruiting wise.

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Man, I hate losing these home grown guys to the SEC. I think we land this kid if we were already in the Big 12. Oh well. We have Courtney Lark and Tren Dickson in an already talented WR corps.


No sour grapes here, but he’s going to spend his whole career reading about the exploits of the UH offense. His call. When we have Courtney Lark we can afford to lose a couple of guys.


Well I did like his name … :slight_smile: … a name I remembered historically as a yewt.

Israel was gone and Judah barely surviving … WAY back when …

He was a decent but wimpy Judah king sandwiched between two of the worst kings in Judah’s history

But time was short …

Hezekiah’s other mistake was allowing visiting Babylonian diplomats to see his treasure vaults.

You want to come talk to my Sunday School men’s class? We’re covering that in our lesson now.

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If UH was in the Big 12 they’ve would of gotten his commitment ?! Who knows. It helps tho.

Nice.7-5 team and he won’t have to work too hard. I get it.


Never show people your treasure vaults. That’s kinging 101 right there.


Did not know the ags had a quarterback next year. I guess he can always bounce the ball off the bench and run under it!

He obviously likes the barbershop being in the stadium !!!

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