4 Tickets & Garage Parking Pass for 50 bucks

For this weekend’s game against Temple - I have 4 Tickets (Premium Chairback Seats $96 Face Value Each) & One Stadium Garage Parking Pass ($58 Face Value) available

If you can Zelle or Paypal me $50 they are yours. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Go Coogs!

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Probably better to just give them away, we need butts in the seats lol


As much as I love UH football, I don’t think anybody would even pay $20 for these right now.


If I didn’t already have tickets, I would jump on that deal. Some parking is $40!

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Just checking one more time if anyone is interested!

Crowd was light today. Sorry if no one stepped forward.

Light? That isn’t light…

The fans have checked out on this team for the year.