4 Tickets + Parking pass available

I have four tickets and a garage parking pass available for tonight’s game against SMU available for $50.


Let me know if anyone is interested.

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Man you guys definitely wait till the last minute. Yesterday I bought three tickets from UH athletics for $100 (combined)….

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I was going to the game today but had a last minute change of plans.

Just looking for a good Coogfan!

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Sorry, for sounding grumpy I know plans change at the last minute.

Good luck finding good coog fans here… lol

tix were still available in person? I thought I checked online and it was all sold out.

What section?

Last night when I bought them there seemed to be only three tickets available and I got all three.

When I clicked on by purchase by price there were none, but when I went to buy by selecting seats I found those. I just went back to look and there are like 4 seats available

Section 112. Great seats.

If anyone is able to paypal or zelle me the funds, I can send them right over electronically. It’s easy!

I may be able to go with one other person as a last-minute thing. Willing to pay $30 for just 2 tix and the parking pass if that sounds fair to you?

I have two tix and parking pass for free. Dm me info if interested