4 Tickets & Parking Pass for Sale

4 Tickets ($130 each face value) and 1 Garage Parking pass ($50 face value) on sale for $100 total for this weekend’s game against Memphis.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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I am very interested. How may I best contact you?

Send me a private message by clicking on my link.

Yes, please let me know how I can pay you. I can come give you the only this afternoon. My email address is markaronowitz@hotmail.com and my phone number is (281) 402-6780

Just out of curiosity, how do find the face value for season tickets? I have a total ticket cost and total contribution but I have been unable to determine what the actual face value for each game is.


Original deal fell thru, so these are still available if anyone is interested.

What section?

Section 307 first few rows (Chair Back seats) 40 yrd line. Great view!