4 UH players have suffered UCL/Tommy John injuries

since the start of the season. That is an alarming number. A college program may have one UCL/Tommy John Surgery a year if they are unlucky. Four is astronomical. This does not include the shoulder injury Jose Torrealba suffered. This would be like having 8 football players tear their ACL’s before the end of September. There has to be a change in the way the pitchers are managed within the program. The regurgitation of the same pitchers every game is dangerous. How it is ok for Ekness to pitch 70 pitches on Sunday and come back and pitch 95 more on Tuesday? It is alarming that players are continuing to be put in these situations. Arm care does not seem to be a priority with this coaching Staff. It is not fair to the players to put them in these situations! This is a procedure that requires a 12-15 month rehab. Put the player’s health first.


Arm care is a hot topic at all age levels right now. Tommy John is much more widespread today than 20-30 years ago. These pitchers are coming in with most playing year round baseball and not taking the proper number of days off after pitching.


That is alarming.

I don’t know what their fall pitching schedule looks like but I can tell you this.

There is a program here in Texas that I specifically refused to send pitchers to because of their pitching coaches beliefs.

I’m okay with driveline weighted program to an extent but when I saw a pitching coach using 12oz balls and having these skinny freshman trying to throw it as hard as he could I wanted to go and deck that coach……this was about five years ago……numerous guys were hurt….some were done, some transferred….
I’m not going to bore anyone with how and and to what extent, what weights, etc. I use or believe in them other than to say it’s not a one size fits all.

And like I said, I don’t currently know what UH programs beliefs are regarding pitching……but 4 guys is not a coincidence……I guarantee there are some pissed off parents.


Their fall pitching schedule is alarming. They are throwing high pitch number pens at least two days a week, if not more, before moving into live pitching and pens. This started on the first week of school, when pitchers returned from their Summer schedule of throwing with their Summer teams.

They do not follow Driveline, Tread, Velo Doc or anything like that. They do throw some weighted balls occasionally, Not for any rhyme or reason that I can tell.

If you want to look at Bunn’s philosophy, look no further than the regurgitation of pitchers every game. As I stated before, in no baseball program should a pitcher throw 70 pitches on Sunday and then 95 on Tuesday. It is far from healthy, to say the least. And, yes, there are a lot of pissed off parents!


I gotcha man.

Been doing showcase teams out of SA for years….it was bad enough they have burned so many bridges within that realm.

It’s why Houston area and Central Texas, SA, etc. are far and few between.

Most of us here could tell player development was non existent….we have pointed out multiple examples of kids that barely see the field for the “Powerhouse Coogs” then go elsewhere and succeed……not to mention how we have super seniors that have regressed.

It sickens me of what you are describing….just brutal.
I know parents, and I figured with what you described there have to be highly upset ones….even for the “healthy “ ones.

Just crazy.


A lot of players are going through injury and still being played. Whitting isn’t caring lol.

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I mean ALL OF THIS is like we shoild have a self-imposed death penalty to purge us of any and all of the sins of this travesty of a baseball program. Bury it. Bring it back to life after a year. Fresh start. Rebuild it right, with a refocused, reprioritized recruiting effort/network. Get rid of any future scheduling that includes Western Carolina, Columbia, et al. I think for other reasons UAB did this in football recently.

This is a nightmare, a real one.

Oh by the way thst means all coaches are gone.

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Columbia won two of three at Alabama so I agree we’d have been swept.

Lb the Gophers!

I’d keep Columbia on the schedule. Columbia is FAR BETTER than UH and lots of other “Power 5” teams right now. Playing Columbia helps the RPI. But I get your point for sure and not trying to be argumentative.


I hope that is not true, because that’s sickening. I’d hate to have a son in that environment.

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Hopefully no more arms are ruined before the new staff takes over after this season


Tommy John U


This is absolutely true. I would never come on here on give misinformation concerning player’s careers. It is very disappointing to say the least!


I’m not disputing whether you’re giving good info or bad info. It was a more of a “damn that’s so sad and I wish that’s not true” type of statement. Like I said, would really hate to have a child pitching in that environment.

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I understand. Yes, it is not a good environment to say the least.

I’m neither a coach nor a parent of a player. My question is has there ever been a team at any level with that many Tommy Johns??


I’ve never heard of more than two in a season and that was alarming.


This is the worst thing I’ve ever read on Coogfans…

Where is the administration??

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I have never heard of a college team having more than 2 during the whole year, never mind 4 in a period in two months. It is beyond alarming.

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First of all, they know. Secondly, it is not hard to look over at the dugout and see four guys in arm slings. Of course, I am assuming Pez goes to the home games!