4 year basketball summer trip

Any idea where the team is going in Summer of 2023?

We went in years 1 & 5 I believe so Year 9

Juarez, Mexico ( Close, cheap, lots of culture)



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Mr. Ed

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Asked someone In the AD about a month ago, he said it hadn’t been decided yet. Prob this fall we will find out. I’m really hoping it’s another trip to Europe.

Is it every 4 years or 5? Any idea how they decide where to go? Like how it gets put together?

Future trip to Dime Box, Texas . . . . . Just fill in the date and opponents . . . . .

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I think they may be focusing their efforts on…“Cut and Shoot”…TX…

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The NCAA allows teams to take one every 4 years. We’ve been to China and then Italy in 2019. So 2023 will be the next most likely trip. It’s just up,to the coach, they will go somewhere they can schedule some games.

Here is a list of where teams are going this year.


Thanks for the list Chris!

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Last trip we announced the details in July 2019, the trip was mid August 2019. Hopefully they can give us a heads up a little prior this time.

Anyone heard anything?