407: Razing Arizona by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

In the biggest statement game of Major Applewhite’s young head coaching career, the Coogs embarrassed Kevin Sumlin on a national stage and effectively ended the Heisman candidacy of Khalil Tate. We’re back and breaking down who impressed the most, and which areas the team can actually still improve upon after a 45-18 victory.

And the Coogs weren’t the only AAC team knocking off P6 competition. We take a look at how the conference as a whole did a 180 from week one.

Plus you already know we read the best of your #FourWordReviews

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Amazing. I took my son to Sumlin’s intro open house getting all those players signatures at UH. Fast forward my son is a starting linebacker in high school & Sumlin at A&M. Fast forward my son is @ A&M Engineering College and Sumlin comes back for such a whipping. Gotta :heart:️ Coog Football And College Football. RAZING AZ. :joy:

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