431: What's the opposite of pitching a shut out? Briles Exit/Applewhite Uncertainty by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

Giving up 70 points and losing by the most points in bowl game history makes liars out of us and we talk a bunch about an Armed Forces Bowl that was pretty dang bad.

Kendal Briles (and probably Randy Clements) shockingly leave for other jobs and we talk about that in the context of what’s looking like a shockingly uncertain future for Major Applewhite.

But hey we have some positive things to talk about with the 2019 signing class and winning weeks for Cougar men’s basketball and women’s basketball.

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Trifecta… no defense… basic defense against run was flawed from start. Running game was ok. While I know we have awesome players that can do both, it seemed like the next man up wasn’t being done correctly. I know We have players that can run hard and strong and pounding but we didn’t utilize them. Why not? Coaching. I can say enough about our OL or DL there great. Running defense suffered and Temple knew it and pounded us to show rest of conference our weakness. When we selected bowl against Army I knew we were in trouble. But I never saw the slaughter coming. But, I was impressed on how the Team players responded to such a embarrassing 4 quarters, moral was down but you guys are champions!!! Learn from it, train harder, faster, healthier, this off season. Army showed everyone that discipline and focus and doing your job at full speed every play and high tempo will give you wins. In Ft Worth after game we went to downtown area and had a wonder time and there were dozens of people that came up to talk to me about what happened. My U of H red cap was on all night. I’m proud of the Coogs you are loved even in the Dallas area…, also because I’m Army Vet…, I walked in and around there stands and they all showed respect for U of H. They prepared for the worst expectations going up against the Coogs. … Army too was also wondering what happened… but they don’t let up till the game is over.

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