44 Years Today



I haven’t watched SNL for years not since it went from good comedy to political propaganda.


Yes you wonder if it was Lorne Michaels call to take that direction or if it was “imposed” on to him by the nbc brass?
Making people laugh is a gift and one of the hardest thing to do and do well.

My gosh, I mean SNL isn’t great these days, but it’s always been political. But man y’all are some cry babies were you always this easily put out by things or is it a consequence of age and I should prepare myself for it?


lol SNL has always been political. What in the world…

I don’t think it’s just an age thing.


Chevy Chase falling when doing an impression of Ford? lol. Yea, they weren’t political back then. Chris and 63, what a great pair.


The political stuff is probably the only consistently good stuff over the years.

The quality of SNL ebbs and flows, but it pretty much satirizes all politicians all the time since its inception.


And they will make fun of Current or Former Presidents, no matter who the President is or what side they sit on .


Really? One of the truly original and funny skits and EVERY reply is about politics.

I posted this for that very reason. To get away from it.

Makes me sad

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You can thank coog63 n Chris for the derailment

Edit: they seem to conjure that politics had caused SNL to hit the skids. When in actuality Politics has always been part of the Show forever. Ok back to our scheduled programming.

Heck yeah, I can still see in my mind the hard time they gave
Clinton on inhaling too. It was hilarious.

Conservatives are so thin skinned these days.

It is an opinion among many others jesse22. Take it as you see fit. Nobody is forcing you to agree with it. This is what dialogues are all about.

N now you are knocking over here. I simply was explaining to CoachV how politics got involved after his initial post to start a thread. We good now ?

You somehow seem to totally not respond to what my post stated and why I was responding to Mr CoachV. Hmmmm. #Consistency

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There was a time where John Belushi had the #1 album, #1 TV show, and #1 movie at the same time.

44 years ago was a strong one for SNL

This happened too


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Everybody is skinny, including the band. We were all skinny back then. WTF happened?!!