460: Kahmari Montgomery/Obi Igbokwe! Coogs to NBA; Jordan Moore Eligible; UConn


Its officially the off season of Cougar sports, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by all the content we have this week!

Cougar track alums Obi Igbokwe and Kahmari Montgomery join us to talk about their UH careers, future plans and much more!

For the first time in the Pawdcast’s history we discuss the departure of a conference member, specifically UConn leaving to join the Big East, version 2.0. To understand the move better we brought on longtime Pawdcast friend Aman Kidwai of TheUConnBlog.com to get a UConn perspective. We also discuss the AAC’s future, potential additions and our specific thoughts on what’s next for the Coogs’ current conference.

Two recent Cougar basketball greats: Corey Davis and Armoni Brooks, were signed as undrafted free agents to play with the Washington Wizards’ summer league team and we talk about it.

Cougar football also got some good news with the NCAA clearing Jordan Moore to immediately play and we talked about what that means and the revamping of the Cougar secondary.

Last but not least, we talk some Cougar baseball and track & field alums and specifically what they’re up to lately.

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