48 Years Ago

Houston entered SWC play in the 1975-76 school year for all sports except football, which began play in the 1976-77 school year.

The first football season saw the Coogs go 10-2, win the SWC at 7-1, win the Cotton Bowl and finish #4 in the nation.

The first basketball season saw the Coogs go 17-11 overall and 7-9 in conference play (6th place out of 9). We lost our first conference game 92-47 at Arkansas and failed to make the NCAA or NIT.

The roles are reversed for our first Big 12 season…


That Football Ranking #4 was the highest in school history!

After that Arkansas slaughter we came back and beat them at Hofheinz behind Otis Birdsong.
The Hogs were really good with three Musketeers.

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Delph, Moncrief and Brewer can’t forget those names, sounds like a Law Firm

Have to give credit where credit is due, they were tough as woodpecker lips.


And Eddie Sutton was a great coach


Highest finish. Jenkins team got to #3 before the fiasco at Whorn.

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We were ranked preseason No 1 by Playboy in 1969.
Our best chance to win a national title was in 1978 with our only loss being against Horn in the Dome.
Finished a brilliant season (10-1) with a win over Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl


That would be 1979 (into '80).

Those were the days in the SWC. Arky had Moncrief, Delph, and Brewer at the end of the decade. Coach Sutton got all three guys into the NBA. (All homegrown Arkies) I hated those guys.

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On the court, they prosecuted their opponents with their version of….,Hog Law.

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Yep you are right. The year before was Ice Bowl

Maybe. But I think 1990 says hello.

Undefeated and ranked #3 in one of the two polls then (AP)…until the upset loss in Austin to #8 Texas. That same day #1 and #2 had lost (Notre Dame and Washington)… We would have moved to #1 in that next AP poll and stayed there to finish the season ranked at the top (polls were not nearly as prone to being leap-frogging you then (without a loss). True, we were on probation so not ranked in the other poll…- and had no bowl game… but we would have shared a natl championship that year.

The argument can be made that the 1990 team was (or would be viewd) as our best fb team ever.


The '90 team didn’t have the defense of the '89 team, which also produced some offensive pros.

2 of them did go, Delph decided to play in a Christian athletic league. He could of had a career in the NBA but chose a different path.

Known for his outside shooting and remarkable leaping ability, Delph was a member of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks NCAA Final Four team in 1978. Along with Sidney Moncrief and Ron Brewer, he was labeled as one of the “Triplets”, a trio of Arkansas-born, similarly-sized players who led Arkansas basketball through a tremendous resurgence after years of mediocre play.

Following his college career, Delph was drafted twice, first in the 3rd round of the 1978 NBA draft by the Buffalo Braves and then in the 6th round of the 1979 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. Unlike his fellow Triplets, Delph never played in the NBA, despite several attempts. He continued playing amateur basketball with the Athletes in Action team, a religiously-oriented team.

That game at Arkansas was a total beat down. The ‘triplets’ went off on the Cougars.

The football team that beat Auburn in the Bluebonnet Bowl ('73?) was arguably the best team we ever had. Though the '76 and '78 teams are right there too. Can’t count the '90 team because of the lack of defense and the pantsing we got in Austin. My two cents.

That was 1969 and I agree if you don’t count the first two games.

Edit: in 73 we lost at Auburn 7-0 and it was our only loss that year.

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That team was ranked No. 1 by Playboy Magazine ( when they were taken seriously) and favored by them to win it all. Stumbled right out the gate loss like the 1st 2 games and then went undefeated.

They were ridiculous