5,000 new season tickets sold*

Per UH just now…

📈 5,000 new season tickets sold*

🎟 15,000+ season tickets

📅 Renew by April 30

*New TDECU Stadium record (Since it opened ie not initially)


Box office

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Are they saying that we only have 15k season ticket holders? If yes, wow, that’s sad.


The thing about telling lies is you have to remember what lies you told and keep covering them up. Being honest, or at least silent is much easier in the long-run.

I distinctly remember Pezman saying at the Kickoff event at Lewis Jewelers last August that 22k were sold for 2022.


Alternative headline…

UH had been Bleeding Season Ticket Holders until the B12 Saved us


We have way less season ticket holders…each holder on average has multiple tickets


Even if 15k has 2 seats to their account, that is an automatic 30,000 sold.

Some accounts will have 3+ so close to 35,000.


This. Probably only a small minority of season ticket holders only have 1. So, way less than 15k “holders” but…most of those are probably spoken for (ie bought for known friends/family). That said…I have an extra I buy every year.

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This probably included all the mini plans and family packs along with full season tickets.

I would think we surpass this number by August 2023.

And I think the record is NEW tickets sold, not total season tickets sold.

The record doesn’t include season 1 of TDECU.

There is quite a bit of time before the 1st KO. I was wondering if anyone remembers or has the sales figures/timeline from back when TDECU was opening…it was a regular board topic of course…

You can fudge season ticket sales just like you can fudge game attendance.

Rule of Thumb
Fudge to make yourself look better.


Just ask Rice…they’re attendance numbers are hilarious sometimes…

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They’re not saying season ticket holders, they’re saying season tickets.


Yep, and we sold 15K in 2014. We were above 20K in 2016.

This isn’t an impressive number. We are just back where we started.


Wishful thinking, but a total of 15k butts in the seats have been sold so far for 2023. Not 25k, 30k or 35k seats. Their goal is too get to 20k+ .
The confusing part is New Season Tickets. 5k new season tickets is the most sold from 1 season to the next season from what it appears .



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Renewing my 7 tomorrow… Go Coogs!


I wonder if we can wait to see what the number is at deadline time…So we have 37.5 of the total capacity in season tix sold. Let’s see the final!

Yep, Per a Duarte article in the Houston Chron

“UH sold 15,022 season tickets in 2014 and had a slight dip with 14,650 in 2015.”

So, we’re back to where we were when the stadium opened but have 4 more months to sell and get as close as we can to the 2016 level.

Interesting…Sam says " 5,000+ new season tickets in the last 60 days"

That’s a pretty good pace.

He also noted “Stadium record is 23,489 in 2016”. So that’s how far we fell to…an over 50% drop from then to last season.