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It’s kind of amazing that with two really good interior defensive linemen, one named second team All Big 12, and two talented senior defensive ends, one of whom was named first team All Big 12, that we finished #101 in rushing defense. I think a little of that was a lack of talent at linebacker, but, yeah, I do think the defensive scheme was a problem. We should be better at linebacker with Corey Platt, who was Tulane’s leading tackler before being injured early in the season, and Kendre Gant plus some returning linebackers will be more older and more experienced. But the four starters up front are gone. We brought in some very capable transfers, but I don’t know that they’ll fully replace what we lost.

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How did that happen? Oh well, it isn’t the first time.

The run defense held their own other than the TCU, Tech, and UCF game.

Don’t normally mess with the ignore function but may have to start with this moron.

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K state as well. Everything was bad in manhattan


I somehow forgot about that shutout lol

Dang, my bad lol

I remember a very common comment on the football thread (Oh year, this IS the football thread) “No excuses” . . . . . but there is much more to team sports than anything as simple as no excuses. A lot of things happen to any group, be they 2 people or 100 people, and those things are often cumulative. A season begins before the season begins. It begins when the staff gets together and begins preparation, then add the players to the mix. Education and practice builds on the season, then the games begin, and each subsequent game affects the upcoming games. Time for reflection when the season comes to an end, but then the next season begins almost immediately. There are always opportunities for outside and inside influences to cause problems and affect the outcome of games and seasons. There is never and ONE thing to blame a game (win or lose) on, but a culmination . . . . . This last loss cannot be blamed on free throw shooting, or Sheads injury, or Roberts knees/hand, or Laths inexperience, or even coaches decisions. There are a lot of variables to considered.

Also the defensive line schemes. As pointed out earlier, 2 all big 12 players and poopy run defense doesn’t make sense.

I’d almost forgotten. All that therapy down the drain.