5 months

Here we go. We are in football season again. Not sure what I am looking forward to over here. Feeling great about the staff but they do t tackle or throw the ball. I am under the assumption that this team will be bigger, stronger and faster!


Hard to know what to expect with 21 transfers and three jucos now on the roster. I think we’ll be better defensively. The offense might be, but that will depend on development at QB and how the offensive line gels.


Didn’t know losing your best player in the middle of the first half is considered choking


This is the key to the season right here!

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How many free throws did we miss?

We shot 53 percent the whole night, you aren’t winning games in the tournament missing FTs like that.

Transition year for us in football. Probably 4 or 5 wins but clear improvement over last year.


9-17 from the line. Despite everything could have won had we made our free throws.

Not to mention Roberts on a gimpy leg and Tuggler and Arceneaux out. Losing tonight was nothing to hang our heads in shame about. Next year is another year and we will have another great team.


Absolutely, Mike… If Shead doesnt get hurt, i think we win and rather comfortably…Frustrating missing FTs but our guards werent the ones missing…Roberts is a great player but not a good FT shooter at all.and he shot about half our free throws. I think he went 3 for 8 or something…not realistic expecting Roberts to hit FTs like Cryer…just a tough loss…think we are going to have a great team again next year…JUST want us to stay healthy!!!


It’s early, but congrats, you’ve got a big jump on dumbest post of the day


I have said several times this past season that our bad FT shooting could hurt us in the playoffs and unfortunately was proven right last night.

It’s never good when any of our bigs are shooting free throws

Great Football thread, maybe we can try again


My biggest question is if Dana’s teams just were under coached and if there is talent there. I read that Jenkins was getting into the groove and Dana said that they should stop running him so they would save him?

Did the oline not have direction? Did the d line have crap schemes? That should be interesting to see.

Our football program sucks, change my mind. Spring sports all stink too. We’re NCAA irrelevant until November.

Change your mind? How about open your eyes…We have a top
notch new coach who is a proven winner at places where it isnt easy to win…He looks VASTLY superior to Dana from a recruiting standpoint, and from a coaching philosophy standpoint…He will succeed where Dana failed…he actually WANTS to do the things you need to do to build a solid winning program…
If you were merely being sarcastic, then save it… I am in no mood after that Duke game


The guy is an unmentionable. It seems like he has some personal issues with CKS.

I’m hoping Fritz can tailor his offense to what personnel he has this spring.

I look forward to a better running game.

Title of thread should be more like 17 months cause it will be at least that long or longer till we can look forward to even competing for big 12 titles maybe longer, this is just a let’s see how good we are year and start building, it’s a long time till November and Cougar basketball season :cry:

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The Fritz era starts, i want to see all of it from the start. Lets Go Coogs Football