5 (non-UH) teams that may crash the CFP

From Tom Fornelli at CBS Sports. He basically states that he doesn’t believe that anyone other than UH will take the top G5 spot, but it’s the offseason. If anything, it’s a look at our competition:

Friday Five: Teams that can be this year’s College Football Playoff crasher
In this week’s Friday Five, we look at five schools from outside the Power Five conferences that have a chance to be this season’s version of Houston, and can crash the CFP party.

1 - USF
2 - SD St
3 - Temple
4 - Western Michigan
5- Appalachian St

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None of those teams stand a chance.

It’s UH or bust!!!

Of all these teams only Appalachian St has a slightly better OOC schedule than the others, but their Conference schedule is awful. The two American teams have one marquee OOC game and if the conference is comparable (or better) to last year there’s no way any other conference can compete.

If BYU went 10-2with their schedule, they should get some votes.

I think you have to be a conference champion.

If so, no BYU…

I hear you, but I read on their website they would play in the San Diego bowl game if they did not make a bowl 6 game. I guess they interrupt the bowl 6 requirements a little differently. Maybe a BYU insider will share their interruption.

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