5 point play

I have never seen a 5 point play before. They hit a three point shot and they call a crap foul under the basket for two more shots. However, if we make our free throws we win. As the Aggies say “There is always next year”

I don’t think the ball was in the basket (the ball bounced off the rim then went in) when the rebound foul was called. Never saw more than a 3 pointer and 1 before in the NBA or NCAA. Not sure if that was the correct ruling.

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Looked to me like Van Beck got grabbed on the arm and they called the foul on him. Turning point of the game.




Sampson just spoke about that in the post game presser , that is the one play he wished he could take back


He’s going to be pissed when he watches the tape and sees Van Beck not commit a foul.


It was the correct ruling. NBA, you only get one shot, but all other leagues either give the ball to the shooting team or give free throws if they are in the bonus. At the time, Michigan was in the bonus and he made both to get a 5 point play.

I agree with Getty’s complaint about the officiating. This is a big problem for
basketball. Track and field, plus tennis are the two sports that have solved the
problem. I have seen baseball, football and basketball game outcomes decided
by officials more than once. The two big men for Michigan committed about fifteen
fouls each if they were held to the same standard that the coogs were.

Reid Gettys is right - we definitely got the short end of the stick in regard to the officiating last night. The game wouldn’t have come down to the two missed free throws and hail Mary winning basket had the game been called the same on both ends of the court, for we’d have been 8 to 10 points ahead at the time.


If they had called fouls the same way in first half when only UH was going to the hoop we would have led by 10 at half. Same plays in second half and we had a whistle fest.

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