5 Years from now: NCAA

A group of college presidents from the mega conference lounging around some conference somewhere.

Why do we need the NCAA.

Basketball? We can do this without them?


In 5 years the SEC and B1G will have more power than the NCAA all together

Add that with NIL which is the nail in the coffin. NCAA did it to themselves


If we can just get our foot in the door in 2023, that should get us a seat at the table come big shake down of NCAA. Winning the Final Four would do wonders to solidify our athletic program for future growth.


We need both butts in seats and eyes on the TV


Not creating an NCAA sanctioned, fair football playoff is what did it. They could have done it anytime. Started off with just one mandatory invite to each conference(allowing each conference to choose its own team any way they wanted) and then some at-larges.

It would have started small but snowballed huge 5-10 years tops.


Saudis gonna start paying college kids 20 million to play in their league


The NCAA is going to be lucky if they get to be a puppet leader for football, a tournament organizer in bball, and get everything else outsourced to them.

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NCAA is a dinosaur and should go the way of the dodo.

Buh bye.

The NCAA is a parallel to America as a whole.

It’s been stripped of power by the courts.

While its membership is broad and includes a number of schools, the wealthier/powerful schools control its governance. Less powerful members vote against their interests both because of threats of the powerful to leave (or entirely exclude the peons) or ignorance/misunderstanding of the motives and end game of the powerful.

Its existence, in any meaningful sense, is more tenuous now than it’s ever been because of these factors.


Greed + Stupidity + Lack of Leadership…

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Would be funny if the Saudis took over the Sunbelt and stole all the recruits from the SEC


Check out the old (1965?) movie with Dean Jones “John Goldfarb Please Come Home”….
A satirical farce (actually pretty funny) about a U2 pilot shot down, lands in Saudi Arabi…as an ex Golden Domer, they have him coach their Arab football team, to compete with the Americans…

So, it’s been done before😉

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Disagree. The NCAA was stripped of power it should never have had in the first place.

The NCAA is a voluntary organization that was created at the behest of Teddy Roosevelt, who threatened college athletics with government regulation if it did not get its house in order.

No way of even knowing if he had the power to actually enforce such a rule at that time.

There is no broad push from anyone outside of football coaches, old people and radio talking heads to keep the old system. Everyone knows the old system amounted to a form of athletic sharecropping.

When you achieve a 9-0 decision in a Court as ideologically and politically divided as this one, it tells you something.